I created The Spoiled Queen website in 2010, to share my travel experiences and to provide my point of view on the fashion industry. It was also the year when I moved to Budapest, which becomes my home until today. Through the years a travel/fashion diary, which The Spoiled Queen website was at the beginning, evaluated and became a very good source of information about Budapest and anything related to this city.

In August 2016, together with my team, I created an online magazine, devoted to Budapest and broadly defined fashion, art and travel.

Today, The Spoiled Queen is a creative hub, which brings experts from the creative industry together. We help our clients to build their brand awareness in a smarter and more simplified way.


Anna Jopp

Anna Jopp is a Polish photographer living in Budapest since 2014. She has been working with different camera formats and film. The aesthetics of analog photography, the colors and textures suit her best as she believes analog photography is kind of a ritual, from the careful choice of film and shots to the development process.

Sylwester Kepa

Sylwester Kepa is a Polish web designer working with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. As a freelancer he is working with several international agencies, including British Sennep and Polish Huncwot.

Aramis Skorzitza

Aramis Skorzitza is a German brand designer and strategist, founder of design think tank Designliebe, currently based in Budapest. He has 20+ years of experience in the area of brand building & design, advertising, social media and emotional marketing. He also supports agencies, creative minds, entrepreneurs and brands as an Instagram coach.