Couple days ago we were chilling in Urban Cafe in Delhi, now we are back to Budapest.

Have you ever wished to have a cat as your pet but for some reason, perhaps allergy, lack of time or maybe money, you could not get it?

If so, there should not be a problem anymore at least for those, who live in Budapest.

Cat Cafe – newly opened place, meets your expectations! This is the place, where it is all about cats – literally!

cat cafe0

This cozy place, offers you a perfect coffee with kitty inspired cupcakes, which you can enjoy while playing with the cats.

cat cafe 4

Fifteen different breeds of cats in their own habitats make your visit amusing and relaxed
cat cafe 1cat cafe 2cat cafe 3
The cafe offers a variety of desserts and beverages but what makes it interesting, is that all of these are inspired from different breeds of cats.

cat cafe 6budapest 1budapest3Cat Cafe is located in Revay ut. 3, which is almost in the center of Budapest.

Cafe has his own fun page on Facebook, under this link

Find below nice video about this place and enjoy with the kitty spirit!

Do you know some similar, pets friendly places? What do you think about the idea itself?



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