My previous post about Budapest not being a fashion hub started a discussion about the different reasons on why there is lack of stylish people on streets of Budapest. The main reason I mentioned was the lack of taste and inappropriate clothes according to the body shape and physique. But I had some feelings that there might be something else, maybe ignorance about any fashion gossips and new trends or maybe, simply a demand for shiny, cheaper looking clothes? As they say,without demand, there is no supply. Naturewise, I am a good person so I decided to help the Hungarian nation to find out the reasons of their wrong clothing choices and of course, to fix it as soon as possible. It was never a secret, that in Hungary and most importantly in Budapest, there are a lot of Gypsies – and yes call me politically incorrect or racist or whatever you want but I won’t use the word “Roma people”. Why? Because this is an over-sophisticated word for people who do not want to work, who do not want to educate their children (plenty of them) and who live all their life on government benefits (paid from my taxes!) and the worst is the people live in the conviction, that they deserve those benefits. You would probably ask this question, what Gypsies have to do with shiny and cheap look, widely visible in Budapest? Well, they have a lot to do with it! Those people are primarily carrying on with such type of style. When you look around, you will see too skinny or too fat,  short or tall Gypsy girls with jeans full of shiny jeats, shoes full of studs and sequins, very tight, reflective short tops, in one word – boobs and ass trying to fall out of the clothes. Apparently, those claiming to be poor people all their life, living on allowances, are somehow getting money and spending on clothes! Every season I see a number of Gypsies wearing the latest “trends”. For example, in winters, white or black full of studs boots and dresses with panther print. In summers, shiny shorts and mandatory celadon or any other crazy colored (which burn your eyes) tank top. You will ask the question now, from where they are buying such clothes? From an open market? Or maybe in some hidden corners of Budapest? No my dear readers. They are buying it on Mester utca which is one of the main street in IX district (with a lot of newly built apartments) and West End basement – the biggest mall in Budapest, located almost in the city center! Sounds crazy? Well as I said before, sales guys will be always delivering clothes which can be sold easily and in huge amounts. I believe, the problem begins here. There are so many shops which offer these clothes that sometimes your choice of selecting decent clothes keeps shrinking . I mentioned in my previous post, that we have unlimited choices when we go to a mall. I agree with that but on the other hand when we see more and more people hunting for clothes in those shitty stores and no one seems to create a fuss about it (except The Spoiled Queen) why then not to give a try and find something for ourselves?. Couple of days ago I devoted my lunch break and I went to Mester utca to one of these famous shops just to see what I could find for upcoming spring.  My heart was beating faster as I was with my phone and I knew it won’t be an easy task to take a photo of these clothes inside (especially when the owner is a Chinese guy, who always looks angry). I was searching for something classy and decent but what I found was quite predictable. The same old sequined, shinny or exotic coloured fabrics everywhere. I guess this guy does not need to even turn on the lights in the afternoon. Those colours are strong enough to light up the room. So I picked some hottest trends, went to the fitting room and took several photos to show you what is your must have for upcoming season.

Ready? Fasten your seat belts!




How are your eyes feeling so far?? Everything ok?




Sorry for the quality of the photos but as you know I could not really carry some big camera with the flash and so on, as I already put my life on risk (I felt for a moment as some war correspondent. Seriously!). I could not take much photos either, as it would be extremely hard to bring in almost half of the shop to fitting room. I mean what am I supposed to say to the shopkeeper? Sorry, I am working in a circus and I am looking for some new outfits? Literally 3/4 of clothes in this store looked like as if they are going to end up in the circus. Anyways, that day I was extremely determined and right after work (yes with my empty stomach!) I went to Nyugati railway station (located in the city center). Going down the stairs I passed through a long underground path, where you will pass small boutiques of clothes, lingerie and shoes. I was not really surprised about what I saw there. The same shit as in Mester, but what caught my attention was one of the mannequins – holy shit the shopkeeper has a hugely weird imagination.

Anyone knows what the hell is this?


So many prints in one blouse, I was quite surprised that one piece of fabric can have so many colours. Not to mention, the fake leather trousers and this small little piece of poop hanging onto it. Guys this is just the beginning.. Going further and deeper – again innovative jeans with full of…guess people, guess full of what?


Of course there were several tunic mini dresses and so on. At that moment, I started to have a little headache but I did not give up, I went to West End – basement and in one second I was in a sequin land. I looked to the left and then to the right. They were everywhere, every fucking where. I stepped by to one of the stores and pick  pair of trouser, I was shocked.

Can somebody please explain, what on earth make you buy this?


Seriously, New Year party is over and I believe that this is one occasion where you can wear such shinny clothes? What does the owner of this shop think? Can she give me a single bloody idea on where I can wear this? To the office, or to school? Or maybe when I am going for a walk with my dog? Another one…


This mini dress I can wear when I am doing gardening, short enough to show my hot legs and make every neighbour jealous. I left this shop in extreme confusion, then I passed several other ones, around 15 of them, where I spotted a  leopard girl (looks really dangerous),


some shiny star


a haute couture dresses for a prom?


Finally I ended up getting a view of really ugly shoes, with shinny emu among them.



To be honest, this whole visit just made me extremely exhausted and only one question was popping up in my mind – why the hell would the owner of this mall allow to establish these types of shops? If I would be in his shoes, I would definitely make a proper selection and never ever let those mini stores to run without any varieties. Maybe that’s another problem, here? Too many shitty stores with horrible (not cheap – the prices are around 4000-15 000 HUF) outfits, which make you push to buy them.

Why are Hungarians choosing such clothes? What is your opinion?


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    Yes, that’s the problem. Too many of the same ‘style’. Style? Can’t even call that. In Western Europe these kind of small, Chinese stores also exist, however they are located in less frequented side streets, not in the center of the city amongst decent high-street brands. As you said, without demand there is no supply so there is not much hope that these shops will be eliminated or forced to the periferia in the near future.

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      But why there is so big demand for those clothes? Poland is almost a neighbour and there is no chance people will buy something like this, maybe in some deep, deep village…

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        There has not been any strong fashion influence in Hungary until lately when local designers started to show up. People who choose to wear such outfit think it’s trendy, sexy and they believe they stand out from the crowd. However it’s the other way around. 80% of the women all look the same (glitters everywhere, long, mixed color artificial nails, over tanned, etc.) and just about 20% have their own distinctive style.

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