I have mentioned several times about Budapest being an artistic city but I am really definite about it now. Whenever I think, that nothing else can surprise me here, some new event pops up. The latest one was The Design week which took place in Design Terminál (Erzsébet square 13). More than sixty projects and works have been selected from twelve countries including Netherlands, Germany or Italy.

What I found really interesting that caught my attention, was “New Table-Wear Collection” designed by Eszter Imre.

design weekSeeing this I can justify that art does not have boundaries. Supposedly, one day you are eating amazing dinner served on a high quality porcelain, while the next day the same piece after some innovative transformation, is hanging around your neck. Art is not what you see but what you want to see.


As I truly love home decors, I could not be anymore indifferent when I saw a marvelous lace lamp designed by Niels van Eijk.

design week1or a very futuristic “Pulse Low Chair” designed by Dirk Vander Kooij.

design week4design week12designed week10

There was also one project,which I would like to describe broadly, as it seems to be an inseparable part of Budapest.

I am talking about Faun project – handcrafted boards.

design week2design week11Faun project is basically a small customized longboard and skateboard manufactured in Budapest. Team consists of Zsófi Fenyvesi (graphic art/design), Levente Trellay (graphic art/product design), Gabor Somoskoi (photography/design) and Zoltan Gelencser (product design/production).

Faun project crew

The reason I found this project inseparable part of Budapest, is because it is hardly possible, you will find as many skaters in any other Eastern European country as here in Hungary. I guess a skateboard is not only a piece of maplewood board but in general it’s a lifestyle – very visible in Budapest.

One of the team members promised to answer couple of my questions regarding the whole idea, but as he is an EXTREMELY busy person, you need to wait a little bit longer, my dear readers.

Until then you can check their website (www.faunproject.com), where you can find out the design concepts and some words on the shapes and of course you can place orders.

Faun project

People from Faun crew are very collaborative as they offer a “custom ride” to their customers , which allows you to have all the choices from board shapes to deck designs. But does that mean, they are able to create a personalized design? That was one of my questions. Imagine that you are a skate freak and somebody sends you an attractive longboard with your name on it for your birthday! How would you feel about that?

Faun project1

As I do not wish to break my long and beautiful skinny legs, there is nothing else but to admire the shapes and design of those boards and think how to transform them into beautiful and useful piece of furniture. Below are a few ideas.


Have you already decided to visit Budapest and get your own skateboard?

Hurry up!

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