Do you know that worldwide brand Gas Jeans will celebrate 30th anniversary this year? And do you know that you can purchase online, one product from their spring/summer collection absolutely for FREE?! But you have to be fast, I would say very fast. You have only 30 second!

One of the clothing pieces can be yours!

Will you be fast enough?

UntitledFloral long dress or skinny jeans?

the spoiled queenthe spoiled queen 6How about denim vest?

the spoiled queen3or muslin shirt for hot summer?

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Just yesterday, I met Rita Kozák, who is a Product manager, here in Hungary, and with whom I had short interview about GAS position in Hungarian fashion market.

The Spoiled Queen: GAS Jeans will celebrate 30th anniversary this year, how many years this brand is presented on Hungarian market?

Rita Kozák: Around 1992 two enthusiastic Hungarians realized the lack of fashionable items on the market in the region. That was a lucky meeting and start up cooperation with Mr. Claudio Grotto, the founder and owner of GAS Jeans, whose business was based on denim wear and apparel items. They started the import jeans as a novelty to some of the high road fashion boutiques in the capital city. It was a real hit on the market and all of a sudden many other fashion suppliers were interested in the Italian brand. In the beginning the first franchise store was located in a tiny shop in the center of the city where they firstly sold denim wear, then their profile extended with other items such as t-shirts, tailored shirts, knitwear and outerwear. That is how the Hungarian GAS story started.

The Spoiled Queen: There will be a lot of virtual events due to anniversary. Could you please tell me more about it? What we can expect, any special surprises?

Rita Kozák: GAS is 30 years old, and during 2014 will recount its identity through a series of initiatives designed to interpret the brand’s natural FAST ATTITUDE. The theme is speed, which acquires a very special meaning for GAS as it celebrates this important milestone.  30 years lived all in one breath, always in step with the tastes of young people and the evolution of society. 30 years tackled with the grit, dynamism and determination that will animate an original initiative involving the brand’s fans, GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS, an unprecedented 100% digital event, built around a chronometer that runs relentlessly and at the speed of those taking part. A fast game that gives the brand’s most dedicated web surfers      the chance to win  a piece of GAS clothing completely free of charge. How? For Hungary the training stage begins on 2 April 2014. The home page, with an up to date, captivating graphic layout, will be completely dedicated to GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS. Following registration, all users will be given the chance to practice putting their fast attitude to the test for 30 days and simulate a clocked, completely free of charge purchasing process. Once they have tested their speed, consumers can go the nearest store, found using site’s store locator, and explore and try on the GAS spring/summer 2014 collection in person.  The race against the clock starts at 3.30 pm on 30 April 2014. 30 seconds to win the chosen piece. The e-commerce site will be free of charge for half a minute. In addition to GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS, the site’s homepage will devote an extensive section to the history of the brand, which since 1984 has stood out among premium denim brands for its know-how. The ambassador who perfectly embodies the GAS fast attitude with his positive, genuine personality and his unequaled talented performance is Marc Márquez: MotoGP 2014 neo -world champion and social network phenomenon with more than 2 million fans. An association between the Vicenza-based brand and the Repsol Honda team which began 16 years ago. An enduring partnership with the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer made up of innumerable successes and victories that reflect the natural bond between denim and the world of motorbikes.The invitation to take part in GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS, extended to all those who share the brand’s values and who, like GAS, are “natural born fast”, will run on and off line through integrated multi – channel communication. Advertising, put into effect mainly on line through a social and web marketing campaign, will be flanked by constant editorial activity on the brand’s social channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and reinforced by intense, across the board PR actions.The event will be replicated in GAS’s main foreign markets throughout 2014: in Italy on 8 May, in the rest of Europe on 14 May, to be followed by Japan and India. Stay tuned!

GAS ADV 141 couple 1

GAS ADV 141 couple 2

The Spoiled Queen: How would you describe GAS position in Hungarian fashion market? Is this brand recognizable here?
Rita Kozák: The company is represent in Hungary with 16 retail stores and lots of multibrand points which numbers I guess show the significance of the brand. In this country there is also an eager demand on precisely defined stylish pieces. Many wishes more what a one-season fast fashion store can offer. Basically we are concentrated on denim wear, Denim is in the GAS DNA. It is its history and its future. An unbreakable tie that has marked the growth and international recognizably of the brand, and which continues to be the axis around which the collections revolve. Nowadays GAS offers a versatile, practical total look that expresses an innovative, recognizable style made up of quality and attention to details.In our country the brand even more represents a lifestyle, than simply a denim wear; sophisticated pieces that creates the base of a stylish wardrobe and able to renew season by season as functional and authentic items. As an example my leather jacket from the 2008 season was a real long term fashion investment as I still get nice compliments wearing it.
The Spoiled Queen: Recently, a Hungarian super model Barbara Palvin took part in GAS Jeans spring/summer 14 campaign. Do you think, it might have an impact on sales, here in Hungary?
Rita Kozák: The young world-known model Barbara Palvin with her natural vibe and beauty is the manifestation of GAS’ philosophy. After the great success of the autumn-winter 13 campaign the management decided to invite her to present the adv campaign of spring/summer 14. Due to her international fame the nation is pride of “their Girl” and therefore highlights the campaign even more in our country. Barbara fancies our looks even in her private life, time-by-time she shares some selfies wearing GAS iconic pieces.
GAS ADV 141 woman 1
GAS ADV 141 woman 3

The Spoiled Queen: Let’s talk a bit about the clients. Who are they, and what they mainly look for in GAS store?

Rita Kozák: Hungarian customers are mainly the ambitious and successful generation of 25-40 who pay attention to quality and individual style. Trend sensitive younger generation is also interested in our collections.
When choosing a piece we are passionate about the sophisticated details such as a unique button, a nice embroidering, a beautifully printed silk lining or a precise tailoring. These tiny details ensures our customers that they made the right choice buying a GAS item. I suppose every piece has a spirit and this idea is more represented in GAS products. 🙂 We are aware of the significance of a special customer care to inform our clients of new trends, care instructions,  and the advantages of functionality. All these characteristics make shopping an exclusive experience.

The Spoiled Queen: What is our must have for upcoming summer? What GAS could recommend us for extremely hot days?

Rita Kozák: The sea, with its suggestive nature and influences, is the most uncontested symbol of summer, and the inspiration for the GAS Spring/Summer 2014 collection. From the rigor of the seaman uniform, to the sporty look inspired by sailing, to the glamour of a cruise from a time gone by, up to fun prints with a hippy – chic flavor that can be worn even at the beach.
The sparkling ambiance and retro atmosphere of a bygone era of cruising frame this springtime GAS collection. Even the colors breath the flavors of the sea, and range from a chalky white, to tones inspired by the sea, from navy to avio, to the color coral, and from the brightest to the softest pinks. All of the jackets are designed to be multifunctional. The pea coat with a lightweight down fill lining, a parka in sail cloth, and a micro anorak were all created to be worn during those first weekends at the beach to protect you from the sea breeze.The Chanel jacket is reconfirmed as a must have in the collection. Proposed with new fabrics, like lightweight down trimmed with small ruffles, or sequoia trimmed in gabardine, even in a slightly longer version that can be combined with the mini wallet realized in the same materials. Our leather takes on an ecological dimension with a mesh effect bomber designed with a diagonal zipper, perfect to wear with our drawstring mini. Meanwhile, the suede makes it lighter and enhances the bright colors of the season. The classic mariner stripes make their appearance on our t-shirts made in jersey of various weights and models reinterpreted with unusual color combinations. Floral prints, treatments and fade dying, lace inserts, tie dye, and touches of jewels are just a taste of what you’ll see this summer. Hot lengths, reduced volumes and customized looks of bold-cheeky pieces with garment-dyed lace inserts, for romantic and hippy – chic atmospheres.
GAS dedicates the DENIM ATELIER project to fans of the blue canvas. Originating in the Artisan Room, the company’s research and development laboratory, the pieces in this capsule collection express the quality of the fabrics and innovation in washes and processes to their maximum potential: the excellence of denim, the brand’s soul and DNA. Making up this range are the 100% Made in Italy pieces with stitching and details inspired by the Italian flag that emphasize their provenance, and the Selvedge Denim range in prized selvedge canvas woven on reduced height traditional shuttle looms. Details on the Selvedge range are given meticulous attention: selvedge details on belt loops and the pockets, Chesterfield leather labels and buttons, bindings and inside pockets that reiterate the color. A pure gold rivet underscores the exclusivity of the piece. Washes and treatments represent a perfect balance between innovation and craftsmanship.

GAS ADV 141 woman orizontal

The digital event will be planned in different days, starting on April, 30 in Hungary, then in Italy on May, 8 and in Europe in May, 14.

The event will be preceded by a “training” phase, which is already available in GAS website. Don’t lose your time, register online and start practicing!

Time is flying!




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