During our last lesson you all ate like a pig (Homer Simpson advices – do you remember?). I guess all you dream now is a proper bed.

StyleTravelling10Some of you are so spoiled that you can not even fall asleep without someone’s help!

StyleTravellingStyleTravelling5Unfortunately bed is usually reserved for privileged people. Some of you should be happy to get at least some couch.

StyleTravelling1There are some people who work hard all day long but all they can afford at the end of the day is some random armchair.


StyleTravelling4Oh!Okay boys let’s not be so pessimistic .Your Hungarian wife do not have an easy life either.

StyleTravelling6On the other hand they tend to grab 3/4th of your house space.

StyleTravelling11ebédlő – dining room

hálószoba – bedroom

ágy – bed

fotel – armchair

ruhásszekrény – wardrobe

kanapé – sofa

asztal – table

szék – chair

padló – floor

párna – pillow

olvasólámpa – bedside lamp

lepedő – sheet

Sometimes its just better to close the door and relax in some different area of the house.

StyleTravelling9StyleTraveling8fürdőszoba – bathroom

fürdő – bathtub

mosogató – sink

WC – toilet

mosógép – washing machine

törülköző – towel

But after all, we all end up in the kitchen again.

StyleTravelling12konyha – kitchen

konyhaszekrény – cupboard

hűtőszekrény – fridge

sütő – oven

serpenyő – saucepan

All you need now is a pastime! Some hints and tips in our next lesson.

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