Do you remember the post about my trip to India? I briefly described, how impressed I was by seeing  so many colorful outfits worn by Indian ladies, such as sarees or salwar kameez.  I was crazy in love with Indian jewelery, especially those big ornament earrings and magnificent rings. While being there, I bought some things for myself however after arrival, I was already sad that I did not bring more of those beautiful things.

Surprisingly, I got to know that we have little India here in Budapest in Aura Lakberendezés store. When I entered this place I felt again like in some open market in Delhi. So many beautiful, real Indian furniture, ornament mirrors, and vase made ​​of  small, colorful pieces of glass, gave me the feeling I want to stay in this place forever.

Since I am about to move to my own flat, I am constantly searching for some cool designer furniture or interior decorations, and nowadays I have a big dilemma, which interior design to choose – I guess I like too many of them.

I was sticking to Scandinavian style, but since I saw this small Indian table and vase, I am about to change my mind.


the spoiled queen1





the spoiled queen

Regarding my beloved Indian jewelery, I was searching for some items on eBay and I found one company, which is based in Germany and  imports unique jewelery  including rings, necklaces or earrings straight from Jaipur! They have more than 300 different designs and many of them are made of silver and finished with Svarovski crystals!






the spoiled queen













Maybe some ring for man?


Check all items under this link :

I am already about to place an order – those rings are unbelievable!!

What do you think about Indian interior design and jewelery?

Do you like it?

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