I think I mentioned several times, that I am the veteran of electronic parties, and this type of music plays very important role in my life.  I could even say that it’s my number one along with fashion. And here some question popped up in my head – what if we could combine both? Electronic music with matching, funky look?

In Budapest, everything is possible, especially if once you decide to take a walk in some hidden streets of the city, trust me there is so much to discover. One of my latest discovery is Lollipop Factory Budapest, which is a fashion designer shop and contemporary art space.

When you enter this showroom, you get a feeling, that you are in some amusement park and electronic music just hit your ears. It is all because of the local designers ( Acid&Zorro, Feelinkita, Chobopop, B.Kund and Pleasureispretty) who stay on the ball, and make sure, you will get the most freaky outfit in the town. Besides various blazers, shirts, leggings you will be able to find there really cool accessories such bags, headbands and tons of jewellery.

Good info for all guys out there,  Lollipop Factory offers male collection as well. There is also something for the artistic souls, as once per month the owner of this place organizes various exhibitions.










I tried some clothes to give you an idea how amazing look you can get with minimal effort.

Light dress and psychedelic, purple leggins? Yes, please!


Lollipop Factory is your mandatory place to visit while being in Budapest. Shop is located at Magyar u. 18, you can also check their website.


Stay tuned, my next post will be devoted to one of  the Lollipop Factory designer.

What’s your opinion about such look? Would you try yourself?

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