Újlipótváros – without a doubt, the best neighborhood in the XIII district of this amazing city, Budapest! This is my current habitat and will remain for a very long time (if not forever).

It’s located in the north of city center, along the Szent István Boulevard, separating it from its southern neighboring district Lipótváros. This industrial area was rebuilt as a residential district in the late 1920s and is mainly dwelled by the middle class/intellectual class of Hungary, which remains till now.

You can mainly find Bauhaus type buildings here, however you will still be able to notice, that some of them, which were built between 1910 and 1911, are called Palatinus houses.

What make this place so special? Actually everything, as you can find different sorts of architecture here, which makes this district truly unique. This is also a very busy neighborhood, with lots of small bar/cafes, bookstores, florists and shops. And what is the most important from my perspective, is the fact that it is only a 10 min walk to Margaret Island, where I am going for my power run, every weekend. Actually from this location you can walk anywhere without public transportation, as Újlipótváros is nothing else, but downtown!

Apartments here are quite expensive, especially the ones which are located on Pozsonyi út, the street close to the river.



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the spoiled queen 17

View from Margaret Island

the spoiled queen 20

the spoiled queen 21

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen1

Privates yards, backside of the building

the spoiled queen2

the spoiled queen5

the spoiled queen12

the spoiled queen19

Do you have some favorite neighborhoods in your cites?





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