The transition from spring to summer in 2020 has been anything but smooth. Fashion and style took a back seat as we tried to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control. For many of you, the go-to trend of quarantine may have been 24/7 pyjamas and a messy hair bun.

Although we probably won’t get the summer we had planned, things are starting to look up. As lockdown restrictions are easing up around the world, there is an increasing sense of normality creeping back into society.

Whether you’re getting ready to return to work, or you’re planning to get out and about more regularly, you can finally embrace your wardrobe again. Here are five top fashion tips as we approach mid-summer.

Summer shades

The summer colours of 2020 are aimed at creating a sense of calm and ease, counteracting the mercurial fall/winter tones. Some of the most popular shades range from dense scarlet red or chive green to more subtle denim blue, coral green, and saffron. White is always a popular shade come summer.

On-trend additions

Street style is always in vogue. Whatever your current personal look is, flaunt it. Just because a certain style isn’t on the runway, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great look.

If you’re enjoying high waist skirts or jumpsuits this summer, embrace the outfits and make them your own.

Some popular street style approaches that we’ll be seeing over the next few months are chunky boots with dresses, pastel bucket hats, matching blouses and stockings, and bucket-shaped bags.


Mixing up your footwear can create huge versatility to your overall style. Depending on your lifestyle or the functionality of your outfit, choose the right footwear to suit the occasion.

For a sunshine-filled outdoor summer vibe, espadrilles and sandals are perfect options. Whether you’re hitting the beach for the afternoon or you’re going on a short journey, these can complete a summer outfit. While espadrilles come in many varieties, the on-trend sandals of 2020 are thin strap or square toe.

The most versatile footwear options out there are undoubtedly sneakers. These should be your go-to footwear items. Plain canvas, summer coloured, or platform sneakers are huge this summer. Why choose between comfort and style when you can have both?

Puff sleeve blouse

A major summer trend thus far is puff sleeves. Puff sleeve blouses are adaptable and can be styled to fit several occasions. If you want to keep things light, these come in short, lace sleeves. This is the ideal casual or outdoor party look.

For a more formal or street chic style, go for a long sleeve blouse with intricate patterns on the sleeves.

The great thing about these blouses is that they go with all bottom layers, be-it a skirt, shorts, or pants.

Flaunt the summer dress

The summer dress is always a good look and is an essential part of everyone’s summer wardrobe. Some fabulous options for 2020 range from bold floral prints to plain white.

If you’re opting for a simplistic look, add some class through accessories. Off-the-shoulder dresses give off amazing island vibes.

Combine your dresses with different footwear and accessories to transform your look and give it a fresh design each time.

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