Beauty isn’t all there’s to selecting the right bag; whether for casual, official, or sports purposes. In this incisive guide, you’ll learn the tips to consider when starting your search for the ultimate handbag. Keep in mind that there are different types of bags from different brands. Whether you want a high-quality Louis Vuitton bag or bags from any other top brand, here is what you should know.

Should be comfortable to carry

Comfort should be a mandatory requirement in any handbag you’re looking to buy. The bag should sit on your shoulders in a balanced manner without sliding sideways. It should also fit under your arms so that you’re able to walk without feeling a lot of baggage and discomfort. Does the bag push around your arms so that you feel you aren’t comfortable? If carrying it by the handles is the only safe option, then you should try another one altogether. Remember that even if you love the appearance of the bag but it’s not comfortable to carry around, you’ll get bored and abandon it pretty quickly. Looks are good but they should be complemented by other factors such as comfort. 

Not too heavy

Handbags are accessories, but they also perform the important function of helping carry around your stuff. That means if you go for a bag that’s already heavy when empty, you’ll have a problem when you add more items inside it.

Test out the new handbag to see how heavy or light it is. Leather bags with extra metals tend to be heavy and thus problematic to carry around. Such weight is not good for your back and mood too. 

The right pockets

Are you looking for a bag with extra pockets or one that’s only a void inside? If you’re looking to get one with pockets, what’s the right number for you? The choice of the number of pockets will depend on among other things your personality and what you do. For example, if you’re the organized type, you’ll want a bag with many pockets so that you’ve got enough compartments to sort out your stuff to your liking. You’ll want your phone to have a compartment of its own, a separate section for your water bottle, another for your make-up kit, and so on.  

Maybe you don’t want anything to do with bags that have got central dividers and you’re only interested in one or two pockets so that you pop a few items inside there and get moving. You could also prefer one with a couple of pockets on the outside so that you can pop in your car keys and other small items. 

Take time to evaluate and ensure that your choice will serve the intended purpose. For instance, if you’re interested in an evening bag, it might serve you better if it’s got many card pockets so that it eliminates the need to carry around your regular wallet for credit cards, a driving license, and a few other pieces and bits. A zip pocket may also come in handy in an evening pocket as you’ll need to carry with you some cash for small purchases. It might also have enough space for your reading glasses, lipstick, keys, phone, and a few other personalized essentials. 

Can it be zipped up?

A good quality bag is one that can fully be zipped up such that even when it falls down, nothing will fall from it. Don’t shy from putting some stuff inside the bag and seeing if the zip closure works perfectly. If you’ve got a lot of stuff that you need to carry around while traveling, it’s recommended that you settle for a larger bag that can comfortably accommodate all your items. 

Even if a bag is beautiful and you can’t take your eyes off it, visualize if it will be functional and convenient to your needs. Keeping the content of the bag safe should be a key priority so that you’re not only focusing on beauty.

Make it Versatile

There are handbags for nearly every event and occasion under the sun. For instance, there are evening bags that work perfectly for dates and evening parties. However, there are also everyday handbags that go with every outfit and work well regardless of the occasion. If this is the bag you envision, ensure that it’s versatile enough to accommodate your lifestyle and activities. 

The following are three main features that this bag needs to have: 

  • Dressy such that it reflects well with your work attire;
  • Soft enough to correspond to your casual looks;
  • It needs to match with your color palette so that there’s no clash with the outfit.

Now that you know what makes a great bag, can now gather up confidence and start your search for the ultimate handbag. Use these tips so that you settle on a bag that you’ll be proud of both now and in the times to come. 


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