Have you ever considered following a slow living concept and live in a movable little house in the bosom of nature? If not, maybe this article will convince you. My Turkish friend, Bedrettin moved a couple of years ago to Budapest and since he is an international lawyer, he traveled across the world where he experienced accommodation of any kind.  With Covid-19 people started to explore more domestic travel where they tend to spend more time in nature. That was one of the first impulses for Bedrettin to start his ‘mobile house’ project.
He established a company Housepeak which specializes in pre-constructed, mobile, and affordable – luxury container houses.

The company roots are in Turkey in the olive land, 15 minutes to the Aegean Sea, in a lovely city İzmir where Bedrettin purchased his first land for the project. The most important aspect was to find a place which is surrounded by nature. The container itself has a relatively small size but follows all the safety standards, all houses are built under the strict EU and German regulations. One of the main objectives was to have a portable house, so the potential owner can relocate anytime.

If you are interested to see this tiny house, you can travel to the lovely village Kulcs which is 50 km from Budapest, and visit one of them. Bedrettin will surely invite you to relax on his 28m2 roof terrace and maybe even organize a little BBQ fiesta.  If it sounds like a good investment for you,  visit the Housepeak website for more information and Instagram for updates!

Would you like to spend a weekend in a tiny house? Do share your comments!

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