Are you dreaming of finally escaping the same four walls that you have inhabited since the beginning of the global lockdown? Would you like to combine work and pleasure and travel for a longer period of time where everything is organized for you?  Since I am a frequent traveler and many times I need to combine my work with leisure, I do have sometimes a problem with finding a longer-term accommodation that does not requires a lot of paperwork. Staying in the hotel for a few weeks or months could be really expensive plus the lack of possibility of preparing my own meals is not an option. I would definitely have homesick and miss my comfortable flat.  Airbnb is a good solution in that case but after a while, I would like to also connect with other like-minded people to hang out or cooperate on some creative projects. I could choose some co-working place but why pay for Airbnb and co-working space if perhaps you could have it all in one package!

While I was doing my research about Madrid and mid-term rental options I found a relatively new form of accommodation that is so-called coliving.  One of the companies offering coliving spaces in premium locations in Madrid is DoveVivo. To give you a better idea of what to expect from such a place, I interviewed Irene Trujillo, Operations Director of DoveVivo in Spain.

Coliving is a modern form of shared housing, yet many people are still mixing it up with student dorms. What DoveVivo is offering to its guests?

Our transformative process design focuses on the multifaceted concept of coliving. Each design aims to balance the social, economic, and cultural needs of our members. To make life better, more affordable, more convenient, and more fun we offer efficiently designed studios and private suites wrapped in a bundle of advantageous services.

All you need is your suitcase. Everything else is on us, from premium sheets and towels to high-end furniture and super fast Wifi and a tapas dinner already planned with other Colivers. We want to make shared living the best solution by adding value to the home and living and become the point of reference for Coliving in Europe.
Our Coliving spaces include coworking areas for digital nomads, young professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as students.

What was the first impulse to start the coliving business in Spain?

We observed the market had new customers like digital nomads, remote workers, young professionals, and Master’s students looking for a different accommodation from the traditional rental apartments and student residences. We analyzed those profiles and their needs to create customized space and flexible contracts: just three months of minimum stay.
We create an all inclusive-careless formula: all bills included (water, gas, wifi, or electricity) cleaning service, maintenance 24/7, with brand new furniture and interior design.

What facilities DoveVivo offers to its guests?

We offer the perfect mix between privacy in rooms with smart locks or studios and community in common areas like a fitness room, study room, chef-style kitchen, lounge, cinema room, or terrace.
All of our colivings are brand new or just renovated with a very good taste in interior design and furniture.

Do you see the growth with short/medium rental requests?

Every time we come with a new building we are fully booked just a couple of days after, so we know this business is growing very fast.
We have different colivers profiles and they change their necessities very fast, so we have to adapt our offer in a tailor-made solution for them. For example, we received a request from a young cardiologist, he and his colleagues were in need of a place to live nearby a hospital in Madrid. The very same day our team found a new place where we could create a coliving space for them to move in within 5 days.

Are there any events DoveVivo offers to its guests where they can also connect with other people?

Students have access to a networking agenda with professional events that our Community Managers organize because we care about their careers and cultural needs. Also, we create other events just for them to connect with all our Colivers Community, to bring friends and to enjoy the new city they are living in.

If you wish to work remotely and stay in stress-free accommodation where you can also use the gym, co-working space, and meet other people DoveVivo is your place! Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

You will be able to read more about DoveVivo and Madrid in the upcoming issue of The Spoiled Queen magazine.

Stay tuned!

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