Summer is over but looks like wedding season is still going on! I think, autumn is a perfect time to organize a boho wedding and as you already know it’s also one of my favorite styles when it comes to fashion.

key details of a boho chic wedding


They definitely play a key role in this type of weddings, especially when we talk about the party table. Try to use fabrics like burlap and combine it with sophisticated and unusual braided or embroidered looks. Don’t forget about the lights! More preferable to be of types like the oil or kerosene lamps or candles with creative forms, which could be followed with a bonfire in the evening. Plates of different sizes, floral compositions, dried flowers, and some handmade decoration should be placed on the table.

The main point is to be as close to nature as possible. When it comes to furniture, go for wooden and vintage tables and chairs. It is also recommended to give some ethnic feel by using rugs, fur details or feathers.

wedding dress

Boho chic is close to nature and human freedom. In a way, this should be visible in a wedding dress. Details like weightless layers of fabric, ethnic and floral patterns, lace and net-like elements and sheer textures are very characteristic for boho wedding dress.

On the other hand, bridal fabrics are known for their delicacy and splendor in their design. Either it will be lace, the gracious pattern of guipure, the Greek goddess-like curves of silk satin or the exquisite swishing sound of taffeta.

If you feel like having a custom made bridal dress, you need to check a big variety of bridal fabrics on the Tissura website. The highest quality is guaranteed. My top recommendation would be corded lace or macrame lace with botanical ornament and fancy flowers.

What’s your favorite wedding style? Do share your comments.



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