What would China be without its amazing and funny accessories? Hard to imagine, don’t you think?

In this post, I would like to present you some of the stuffs Chinese must have.


While Japan has their lovely Hello Kitty brand, the Chinese are no way behind with their cute mascot – Yoyo&Cici.

There are a lot of products in China with this image, especially different types of pens, pen drives or key chains.

StyleTravelling2StyleTravelling3StyleTravelling20StyleTravelling22There are similar patterns from other cartoons. When you surf on-line shops, you’ll find products such as covers for your contact lessens or Iphones. You will see that Chinese love to put some funny prints on those.




How about some cool fashion accessories? I love all types of hair bows, hair clips and hats and beanies too.


StyleTravelling10And where to put all this stuff? A proper backpack would be a good idea!


Chinese girls love wedges! As they are usually short, those types of shoes give them additional few inches and comfort of walking. When they combine it with some other things with cute prints, they look really adorable.


Imagine China without electronic gadgets? I guess it is hardly possible. The industry of those products is so huge, that we have plenty of choices, in terms of technical part of product and its shape.

StyleTravelling40StyleTravelling42StyleTravelling41I would like to mention that Chinese are a very creative nation as a whole. Ever imagined that your simple sleepers could have a cleaning function? You just walk around your house and clean it at the same time! It’s like a dream comes true!


What would you choose for yourself?

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