Jewellery can help to add a sparkle to any outfit. However, certain styles of jewellery are likely to be more suited to certain occasions than others. Here is a guide to matching your jewellery to each occasion.

The workplace

Not all workplaces permit jewellery. If your employer does permit it, you probably still want to keep away from certain showy and blingy items that might be seen as inappropriate. Subtle silver earring studs, a gold bracelet or a simple thin chain necklace are the types of items you want to opt for – these items can help add an extra sense of sophistication. A wristwatch will meanwhile keep you looking organized.

A wedding

A wedding is an opportunity to show off those more opulent and shiny items in your jewellery box. Large pendant necklaces and matching pendant earrings can look stunning when contrasted with a relatively simple dress. If you’ve got a sparkly dress, you may want to keep jewellery simpler as not to distract from the dress. Gold and silver are often great for weddings – but try not to mix these metals. Jewellery at Western weddings tend to be more simplistic, while at Asian weddings you can get away with wearing lots of shiny items.

A party or social event

Parties and social events are times for letting loose and showing the real you. At these events, you’re often free to experiment with piercings such as labret jewelry, as well as all kinds of wristwear. Unique jewellery items can be great conversation starters – consider a single statement piece to go with your outfit. If it’s a casual event, you might not want to stay away from elegant and shiny items.

A festival

At festivals, you want to steer clear of shiny metal jewellery that’s expensive in case it gets lost. Focus more on colorful and earthy types of jewellery such as bead necklaces and rope bracelets. Embrace your inner hippie with layers of necklaces and layers of wrist-wear. You can also use the opportunity to try more unusual and wacky jewellery items such as feather earrings and Boho headpieces. It does depend on the type of festival of course – a dance music festival could be an opportunity to wear fluorescent bracelets and necklaces, while a rock festival might be a great chance for trying more Gothic jewellery.

A first date

A first date is a chance to get across your personality. At the same time, you may want to keep things relatively classy as to create the right impression. It’s likely to depend a lot on the activity as to what jewellery you should wear – if it’s a meal at a fancy restaurant you’ll want to opt for elegant jewellery, while a more casual picnic in the park might call for more casual jewellery. Certain jewellery may be able to help accentuate your best features. For instance, certain tones of metal may be able to bring out the glow in your skin, while certain stones and colours may be able to bring out the colour of your eyes.

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