The Digital Nomad scene in Budapest is booming! With its slower, laid-back atmosphere, many new co-working spaces and overall affordable prices, the city has become one of the top destinations for digital nomads. If you are new to the city or you are planing to move here for a while and continue your freelance carrier, I have collected  the most interesting FB groups, meet ups and rental options in Budapest.

Where to meet?

You can do it virtually by joining FB groups such as: Budapest Digital NomadsDigital Wombats – Budapest (they organize meets up too) Female Founders Budapest or in person during one of the meet ups, organized by Digital Nomads Hungary.

If you wish to have a better overview of the city, more from the nomad perspective, you definitely need to follow Aramis and his Instagram account My Map of Budapest. You will find on his profile a lot of cool spots to hang out in,  budget friendly food joints, electronic gigs and live concerts. He has been discovering the city the past 7 years on his bike, so he has developed a nice collection of activities in Budapest.

Where to work?

Many of you probably wonder where is the best place to work? When it comes to more interactive co-working places in Budapest, where you can not only work but also attend meet ups organized by owners or participate in various events, I can recommend Impact Hub Budapest and KAPTÁR. I met quite a lot of people through events organized there and it is one of the best ways to expand your network.

Credit: Impact Hub Budapest

Some of you will only need a table, comfortable chair  and a cup of good coffee. If you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee for your desk, you should check out some of the nice coffee shops with high speed internet and good atmosphere.

I tend to work at Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro – they have really good vegan and vegetarian lunch options and the prices are reasonable too. Fabrik is another great coffee place offering a spacious workstation (free of charge!) and many creative workshops.

I really like the long table with old school lamps at Mon Chéri Coffee Shop. This busy coffee shop offers a nice selections of croissants and other sweet bites. It’s a relatively busy place, but the interior is really eye catching. Comfortable leather couches also can give you a homey feeling, almost as you would work from your living room! I need to also add Espresso Embassy – a beloved spot by many students and locals, serving probably one of the best cappuccinos in town!

Credit: Mon Chéri

Credit: Espresso Embassy

If you need to find someone for your creative project or you wish to find some creative job, check out Budapest Artsjobs or Budapest Startup Jobs.

Where to stay?

One of the most challenging things for each digital nomad is to find suitable accommodation where you don’t need to be bound by a long term contract.  If you don’t know how long you are planing to stay in Budapest, the easiest option is to rent a flat or a room thorough Airbnb. Sometimes with the additional fees like cleaning, you might end up  paying much higher prices than your budget estimated. I would suggest to check out available places on Live My Home which is a midterm apartment rental for travelers. Another option is to get in touch with Spicy Hostel Budapest where you can find  single rooms which are usually rented for students, or Loft Coliving Budapest – which is a hostel devoted to digital nomads.

Credit: Spicy Hostel Budapest

Useful apps

There are several websites and apps I am using on a daily basic which help me to get my work done! I am a heavy user of Instagram. In the recent years it become one of the most important platforms for my work therefore there are several apps which help  to enhance my profile and create better content for my followers.

If you wish to see how your feed will look like before you publish a photo, download Preview app. It is “an easy, fast and powerful tool to manage your Instagram”. If you need to boost your Insta stories and make it more interesting, use Story Art or MoStory – an insta video story editor. Another great app to actually edit a video is InShot.  Finally we have  Creator Studio app which is a set of tools designed to make scheduling, analyzing and monetizing your posts on Instagram.

The best app which helps me to stay organized and see where I am with my projects is Trello. I can not imagine my creative work without using Canva. One of the best and free tools to create various designs, logos, posters and much more!

Some of you might be in a need to add a photo for your business, but you do not have a possibility to take one. The best option is to use Unsplash a free photo library. A lot of high quality pictures waiting for you!

Do you consider Budapest as a digital nomad city? Do share your comments!

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