It’s already the third year in a row when I participated in European Fashion Accelerator program as a mentor for young and emerging designers from the Visegrád countries. We could see their collections during Kosice Fashion Week which was held between 7th  – 9 th of November.

Czech Republic

Kristina Hončarivová

Instagram: kika_honcarivova

Laura-Andrea Žižková



Borbála Györök

Instagram: gyorok

Mészáros Lúcia

Instagram: illuxtrat


Kordian Medrala

Instagram: Kordian Medrala

Oliwia Jankowska

Instagram: m.oliwia.jankowska


Alexandra Kondačová

Instagram: Alexandra Kondac

Zuzana Trtolová

Instagram: younger__sister

EFA is an international fashion start-up and functions as an effective bridge between the creative and the business world. 

During these 3 days designers had the opportunity to participate in panel talks devoted to sustainable fashion, photography or talent development workshops and other lectures devoted to the fashion business. 

This year EFA added two, great services to its portfolio: EFA Jobs and EFA Studio.

EFA jobs is an online market place for professional creators. This platform helps to match talent with job opportunity in the creative sector.

EFA studio is an exclusive e-shop which gives the opportunity to talented designers to sell their collections.

EFA 2019 along with Kosice Fashion Week provides a great series of events where young and emerging designers have priceless opportunities to not only showcase their collections but also meet people from the fashion industry.

It’s worth to mention that EFA teamed up with Coco’n shopping which is a great online platform connecting shops, brands, designers and costumers. Elsie and Pieter are the founders of this platform and gave a really interesting presentation during Kosice Fashion Week about the future of shopping.

There were also a few smaller events during Kosice Fashion Week, including a photo exhibition – Vision Mission, Salón Vogue cocktail party who were behind the model’s make up and hair style. Also, exclusive fashion shows featuring collections of leading Czech and Slovakian designers.

It is great to see how European Fashion Accelerator progressing each year and how many services has to offer! 

I strongly recommend you to check their website, maybe you will be the next one who will participate in their program!

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