Another week and another fashion show behind me. This time, on the invitation by Probako Communications, I took part in Elle Fashion Show, which was held in Millenáris – a venue for various events in Budapest.

After Marie Claire Fashion Days, another fashion magazine, “ELLE” took an initiative and organized a fashion show, where three talented designers from France and three well-know Hungarian ones, were invited to showcase their collections.

Kata Szegedi, Dori Tomcsanyi and Nubu remained us of what is our must have for spring – summer season ’14 and I have to admit, that they simply impressed me as usual!

Kata showcased us long, famine dresses and on the other hand you could praise mini skirts with psychedelic patterns, as a contrast.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen1

the spoiled queen 2

the spoiled queen3

Grey, red and green colors highlighted Dori’s collection. I am absolutely in love with her grey hoodie and mini dress! Sporty look tops my list, invariably.

the spoiled queen 5

the spoiled queen4How about a red suit? This outfit surely resuscitates your day in office during summers!

the spoiled queen 6

the spoiled queen 8

Of course I could not miss Nubu’s show. Their dresses are simply beautiful. With their light fabric, you get an ideal outfit for extremely hot summers in Budapest.

the spoiled queen

Trousers, however black in color, looks extremely comfortable. Nubu accessories including bags, complete the look.

the spoiled queen 2

Fall – Winter collections have been presented by designers from Paris Octavio Pizarro, Valentine Gauthier and Christine Phung.

Their collections were just breathtaking! Chic but modern and effortless look, is something I will definitely follow.

Valentine Gauthier

the spoiled queen 3

the spoiled queen1

the spoiled queen
the spoiled queen
One detail – SHOES!!! Can not even find an appropriate word to describe them. Being seated in the first row, gave me a huge opportunity to keep a very close eye on them.
the spoiled queen
Apart from the above mentioned designers, there were several collections featured by sponsors of the event, such as:











Interesting collections were featured by Lenovo, and designed by Kupi Szimonetta. Models carried Lenovo notepads and phones while walking on the ramp. Featured clothes, really matched to presented gadgets.

the spoiled queen


Comprehensively, I enjoyed the whole event but even this time, it was not without setbacks.

First and foremost make up and hairstyles – again the same story like in the case of Marie Claire Fashion Days. All models had the similar make up and hairstyle during the showcased collections, although each of the collections emphasized distinct styles.

Again an issue got raised. Not enough budget to hire more models, so designers can complete the look? With sponsors including L’oréal, CIB Bank, Lenovo or Peugeot, it should not have been an issue.

Secondly the design of the ramp! Never seen such an impractical ramp, which was placed at one side of the room instead of being in the middle. Audience could only sit in one half of the room, which, for those who did not have a seat, must be really inconvenient to see the exhibited collections. I can not even imagine how photographers took photos, when they were forced and pushed to a corner. The space of this place was typically wasted, and on the other hand made people stuck to each other as they had only one side of the room for the usage. There was no proper decoration as well, and even the big mirror placed on the ramp side, did not help at all, as it did not create any illusion that there is more space. I really understand that organizer needed to fit all sponsor’s stands but the primary thing should be a ramp, as this is a sort of holy place for showcasing the collections!

IMG_20140405_154218crowd behind me

Taking about the sponsor, I pretty much liked all of their collections except one “Hungaria” brand producing sparkling wine. Their collection was either a big joke or organizers were desperately looking for additional budget, and allowed this brand to showcase their clothing line. It is even hard for me to find appropriate words to describe how ugly those outfits were. Extremely bad quality of fabric, which looked so cheap that reminds me of Chinese store. I felt extremely sorry for the models who had to wear it, especially for the one who presented very short tunic and while walking back she needed to pull it down, otherwise her ass would have been fully exposed.




20140405_185104credit: Erika Farkas Think Boutique

Despite some (quite serious) shortcomings, I am still glad, that there are more and more fashion events in Budapest. It undoubtedly gives you an opportunity to get familiar with the latest trends and help the designers to build and maintain their reputation in the fashion business. I hope that it will also be a lesson learned for organizers and from the next time, they pay more attention to details, which if not taken care of, are considered to easily ruin the whole image of the event.

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  1. Recommend to watch Chanel Spring- Summer ’14 to see how you can easily solve ramp issue. When you keep audience on one side, at least build small stairs, so everyone have a chance to properly see the whole show!

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