Last month I took part again in European Fashion Accelerator and Kosice Fashion Week, where I met many great designers. One of them, whose collection definitely caught my eye, was Laura Filip. This enterprising and hard-working young woman graduated only in 2017 The Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, but models presenting her clothes looked like a million dollar babies.

Our supposedly quick conversation about her latest collection led us unexpectedly to a story about a fairytale place, she  just opened a few months ago in Vienna.  She teamed up with her mum (who looks like a million dollar baby too) who is an experienced seamstress and work together with Laura on her collections.

The Next Big Thing

Dresscode.Lach.Filip located at Gerstnerstraße 5/2-3 was brought to life because of two incredible woman, who have the passion for beauty and would like to share it with other women (men are also very welcome).

This place operates like a sewing workshop, where you can bring your old clothes and repair them. At the same time, you can make a wish and Laura together with her mum, do their best to design and sew a unique piece of clothing for any occasion you want. You will also get a free advice on what type of outfit suits your body best. While waiting for your clothes, you can do a pedicure and manicure, as this lovely space provides this service as well, or you can eat delicious cake and drink aromatic coffee or a glass of sparkling wine either seating by a charming bar or on one of the ultra-comfortable sofas.

Dresscode.Lach.Flip is also a fashion boutique, so if you feel like buying some of Laura’s designs or you wish to check proposals from other designers, you will have that possibility as well. Since Laura is very open to collaborate with other designers, this place will never run out of great, fashion proposals. Another service which will be provided soon by Dresscode is a possibility to rent one of the high fashion, evening dresses. It means that you no longer need to spend a big amount of money for a dress which you going to wear only once. You can simply rent it and additionally receive a complete beauty makeover.

When I asked Laura and her mum what is the main idea of this place, I received the most simple and at the same time the most beautiful answer – they just want to create a safe shelter for women from different social backgrounds, who can receive a complete beauty service (in the near future, they will have hairdressers and hair stylists as well) and have a pleasant conversation with other ladies. This space is a meeting point, for all women who seek a beauty and fashion advice, or who would  like to talk to other women or meet new people.

credit: Dresscode.Lach.Flip

As you know, I am usually hunting for some unique places around Europe but actually, this is the first time when I could see so many fashion/beauty services provided in one location.  How much time we can save and how many things we can experience entering this place? And talking about the experience, this place itself looks like a dream, inspired by the movie – The Grand Budapest Hotel has one of the pretties interior design I saw recently. Pastels colors mixed with gold elements stole my heart. I would just pop up there to have a coffee or read one of many available magazines or simply to have a  chit-chat with other ladies. But here is also one important remark, Dresscode is open for men as well, and seems that this place has already become popular among them since so many come on the regular basis to fix their clothes.

Do you know any of such places in your city?

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