After my last post, I guess you know already where to shop. If you wish to get colorful and freaky look and stand out from the rest, Lollipop Factory is your mecca, from now on.

But what would be this store without its great designers who take care of every single detail to keep Budapest’s streets vivid and colorful?

As I promised, today I would like to introduce you to Feelinkita – a blonde, tiny girl with neon clothes, whose biggest passion is designing and electronic music. When I saw her for the first time, I knew that this is the right person at the right place.


The Spoiled Queen: Feelinkita sounds quite mysterious, could you tell me from where the name of the brand came from?

It’s a mix of my name (Kitti) and my love for fashion. Feeling+Kita=Feelinkita.

The Spoiled Queen: How did you get into fashion?

I was sewing since i was a child, I started to give old clothes a new look at 14, but to became a designer was not proposed. It just happened.

The Spoiled Queen: How did you come to start your own line? What was the first impulse to do it?

As a kid, I was traveling to Sweden every year to visit my grandmother. The Swedish minimal designs amazed me in every way, from interior to fashion. Electronic music, night life and festivals inspired me a lot too.
In the beginning it was fun to make my own spectacular, sexy but simple dresses for the weekend. A lot of people loved and wanted to buy those clothes. That time i realized, this is more than a hobby, it’s a way of living for me.

468215_531766706884193_2147455618_oThe Spoiled Queen: During my visit to your store, I had a feeling that Feelinkita is all about electronic music, should I say that? What is currently on your play list?

Your intuition was right, electronic music plays an important part in my personal life and profession too. When a customer enters the shop, she/he gets the full package of lollipop experience. We treat the eyes and the ears at the same time.
Diynamic and Keinemusik, two of my favorite labels comes first to mind.

10660325_1411822369040294_5241050900764032654_ncredit: room8

The Spoiled Queen: Does electronic music have a big influence on your designs? Is it a main source of your inspirations?

Yes, music is a main source, but not the only one. Inspires me and also gives energy for workdays.

The Spoiled Queen: How would you describe your personal fashion style? Do you wear sometimes high heel shoes?

No high heels, that’s not for me. I prefer sporty, colorful wear mixing with casual and out of the ordinary clothing. The most important thing is enjoy what you wear and who you are.

The Spoiled Queen: Who are your clients and which clothes they mainly look for?

This is a tough question, I can’t really tell. I have regular customers, Hungarians and also foreigners, whom are more open minded. In the summer the bikinis, in the winter the pullovers are in the front line.





The Spoiled Queen: Lollipop Factory seems to me something more than just a showroom. Could you tell me more about other activities going on there?

Yes, it’s more! Beyond the fashion products and tasty tunes, we give opportunity for young artist to show themselves.
In every month we have an exhibition at the shop, on the opening we usually host a little party where a lot of friends and nice people stop by. This great idea is from Albert Bezzeg, the head and founder of the Lollipop factory.



 I would certainly recommend to visit her store and please write your comments about your experience, I am really curious!!

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