Do you remember my post from last year about fitness places in Budapest? I had an interview with one of my favorite sport coaches in Budapest – Mate Varbiro about healthy lifestyle and the importance of right nutrition in our daily life. This year we met again to have another great chat about his  new hybrid club – Go4it which he has recently opened on Podmaniczky utca 81.

I spent with his team half of my summer on Margaret Island where Mate and Krisztina (another professional coach) encouraged me to work a bit harder on my body (and also my mindset – for which I will be forever grateful).

Last time when we spoke you were running a Wego_fit crew focusing on exercises and nutrition. Recently, you have opened a new business called Go4it. What is the main difference between these two?

We wanted to open our center where we can provide all our services in one place with workout place, room for consultations and nutrition corner too.
Go4it provides a 360 degree support to our future challengers and clients. That means we educate them  why it is so important to follow healthy lifestyle. We provide nutrition options to achieve  better results.
Every participant receives his own wellness coach in the program who supports him during the program. Our members also become part of our online and offline community.

What are the benefits of joining your new program Go4it?

It is a great alternative for people who are looking for  a complex lifestyle program. We offer a support from experts (not only during the classes but 24/7) also being a part of an international community. We help to reach personal goals and we provide a community of people who focus on sport and healthy lifestyle. Our team is consisted of qualified and experienced coaches who are in the business 10+ years.
We have pro and ex pro athletes in the team, and people from different health related sectors.

How has the approach towards sport and nutrition changed in Budapest in the last years in your opinion? Do you think COVID had some impact too?

I think that many people have realized  how important for them is their health and better and stronger immune system.
A lot of people have realized that even with our online structure (if they don’t want to join classes, because of the COVID) they can have great results and follow healthier lifestyle.

Could you tell me a bit more about your new place? Do you plan to organize any special events for your clients?

We are organizing events focused on healthy food and nutrition, beauty events for ladies (devoted to skin problems) and also a “cocktail” party where we serve our protein shakes (we work with Herbalife products) which we also offer to our members.

Our place is the first hybrid club focusing on holistic approach. It is combination of sport and nutrition service.
We are also not a typical gym, therefore we are not aiming to work only with fitness freaks (although those are also welcome). We would like to help regular people who just want to be a part of a healthy community, and improve their knowledge about the nutrition part too. We have various group training like: cross,  fat burner, HIIT workout, body shape, stability or core training.

Go4it offers several passes, where every entry includes one workout, hydration and regular shake after workout.

1 session: 2.000 HUF
5 session: 9.400 HUF
10 session: 14.900 HUF

I have a great news to all my readers! If you use code ‘thespoiledqueen’ you will receive one free session to try Go4it service. You can get in touch with the team on Facebook and Instagram.

Who is coming to the next training?

Go for it!

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