The Happy Hearts Czech Foundation was established in 2005 with the main goal of building safe resilient schools in areas affected by natural disasters. It is one of the most renowned charities in the Czech Republic and a Europe based partner of All Hands and Hearts organization.  

Karolina Bosakova, who is the director of Happy Hearts Czech, has been hosting Happy Hearts Gala in Prague over the past 10 years and raising funds to build new schools in Nepal and Haiti for a total of 1,559 children.

I was honored to attend the latest Gala Dinner that took place a few weeks ago in The Lobkowicz Palace in Prague.

The main goal of this year’s Gala was to raise funds to rebuild schools in Mexico in the regions affected by natural disasters.

Among many great items that have been donated for biding a few caught my attention. One of them was a mysterious old suitcase filled with outfits that have been worn by international celebrities such Camillia Cabillo or Karolina Kurkova. All of them have been designed by one of my favorite Czech designers – Jiri Kalfar who’s collections I could praise already a few years ago during Budapest Fashion Week. 

Another item that created a bit of a stir was a piece of art donated by Czech artist – Pasta Oner.  This special art piece has been created in co-operation with Happy Hearts citing ‘Hope’ as the main theme. One of the invited guests turned out to be a very generous person and offered one bitcoin for this painting!

Among many prominent guests invited for this gala, I had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Leonora Rueda – ambassador of  Mexico, Perry Maddox – CEO of All Hands and Hearts US, and Nicolette Koeman – CEO of All Hands and Hearts Mexico.

This event would not be possible without Karolina Bosakova who brings people from creative and business worlds together. By raising the necessary funds, children are able to continue their studies in a safe environment. 

This year’s Gala Dinner raised 160K USD for rebuilding the school in Mexico. You also have a chance to help children who are still waiting for their new schools, by donating or purchasing amazing gifts under this link: Support Schools in Mexico.

The proceeds of the sale will support the current program in the Albarradas community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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