I do love Budapest and you already know it, but maybe you don’t know yet about how much I love Hungarian designers.

You probably noticed, that I focus on Hungarian fashion a lot, and I am also devoted to the events/venues, which are held here and to general consumer fashion choices. I love to observe Budapest street fashion and as you already noticed, I do not really have a positive opinion about it. Ubiquitous glitter destroys my sense of aesthetics. I think it also destroys the sense of aesthetics of Hungarian designers and I dare to claim, that their fashion proposals are in contradiction to any shoddy look. I have a tendency to stare at people, actually their outfits (have I ever mentioned that I am a sociologist and journalist by education?) and draw a conclusion about the level of fashion in this country. As I want to be able to formulate an honest inference, I don’t mind to attend any of the fashion events, which gives me an opportunity to see other side of Hungarian fashion.

One of the latest one, was konsanszky fashion show, which took place in our legendary Brody Studios. During this event, I thought for the first time in my life, that I truly hate H&M, Zara, Stradivarius, and any similar brands. I HATE polyester. I HATE negligently made clothes, with the peeled fabric and inaccurately sewed buttons. And I hate the amount of my salary. I believe, that all those rich people should only buy designer clothes and promote slow fashion and the rest of us should follow one of the choices: either save money and buy high end quality brands, only a couple of times per year or find a job which pays us more. I am closer to the other option, as being a woman, it is hard to save money, and even harder no to go shopping.

Coming back to the show itself, who is Dora Konsanszky? She is one of the best Hungarian designer, experienced in English and French tailoring, which is highly visible in her cuts. Her 14/15 AW collection, which has been inspired by famous model from the 60′ Veruschka von Lehndorff, combines the refinement of grunge and street style, with dominated colors of dove gray, powder color, beige, black and white.

Elastic leather tops, wool coats or midi dresses are just a few of her upcoming season propositions.



the spoiled queen 1

the spoiled queen 3

the spoiled queen 4

the spoiled queen 7

the spoiled queen2

the spoiled queen 8credit: Szécsi István

The fact that this show took place in Brody Studios had its own charm. Artistic interiors of Brody along with the collection inspired by top model from the 60’s, made you feel this glamorous atmosphere from the past. On the other hand events like this made you clean out your closet and keep less but with good quality clothes, rather than hundreds of unpractical pieces, which you can not really match with any other ones.


I strongly recommend to visit her showroom, which is located at Károly krt. 3./c 1st floor in Budapest.

Are you ready to think twice, before you buy another polyester dress?




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