Two of my recent posts about fashion in Budapest (rather lack of it ) were full of emotions and my anger. It’s not that I am a fashion freak and following all the latest trends but I would like to see the people in, at least some decent outfits. Moving to Budapest more than 3 years ago gave me an opportunity to be in an international environment and live in the city, which is STILL full of creative people.

I would like to devote this post to all the fashion designers, who are proud Hungarians or at least create and design in Hungary. After 3 years of my deep observation (yes, I do tend to stare at random people passing me by every day), I came on to the conclusion, that people in Budapest have a more sporty style than people in Poland, who rather put emphasis on elegant look. Well, I don’t mind both of those looks,  however I am the one who blends them all the time. A complete sporty look is good when I am going to a gym/walk/shopping, while the elegant one could be an option for your company required dress code or maybe when you have some fancy dinner or if you are planning to go out to posh hangouts. Also, a complete sporty look reminds me of a teenage girl who has boobs big enough to feel like a woman within herself but still lacking a matured sense of thoughts, to be claimed as an adult. With the elegant look I have one issue, no matter which outfits you put on, it just adds an additional 2 or 3 years into your age, looks-wise. In my opinion, elegant outfits always make you look a more serious and mature woman. Which is not bad when you are 23-24 years old, but does not sound so optimistic when you turn 28!.

So Ladies and Gentleman, first and foremost I would like to introduce you the best designer (in my subjective opinion) nanushka.

I mentioned her several times on my blog and I will be mentioning it even more, when the right time comes. I must admit, I am quite obsessed with this designer as she is the only one, who creates such a collection, that I would buy every single piece without even trying it on. She does have a bit of eclectic style with an addition of very modern and feminine touch. A lot of sporty cuts made out of the highest quality fabric (you have to touch it, once you do it , you wouldn’t want to let them go) with an overall elegant look.

Pieces I adore:

knit sweater (all of them) – suitable length (up to you hips) and amazing graphic on it , 100% wool


loose pants – extremely comfortable piece of wear, which can be worn in the winters and spring. Very practical, as it can be worn with flat shoes (ballerinas, sandals) to be able to look sporty, comfy and on the other hand, you can just wear high heel shoes or elegant boots, to achieve a glamorous evening look.

the spoiled queen

And of course wool coat  – this extremely good and simple piece made of wool, looks damn good and classy, and allows you to wear it for most of the seasons (all you need to do, is to add some trendy accessories)

the spoiled queen 1

You can see S/S14 nanushka collection in one of my previous posts  Toni&Guy Fashion Week Budapest and that being said, I would strongly recommend you to visit nanushka store, which is located on the Fashion Street – Deak Ferenc utca 17, Budapest.

Who is my second inspiration? Obviously Dora Abodi, born in Transylvania, raised in Budapest. This designer is a Hungarian version of Dolce&Gabbana duet. Why? Because of a very famine cut, ornament prints and a lot of shinny and glamorous textures.

the spoiled queen

the spoiled queen5

the spoiled queen4

Her bags have such unbelievable shapes with amazing adornments, that I would have serious problem to choose only one of them.

the spoiled queen 9

the spoiled queen 10

the spoiled queen8

I would never say no to any of her boots. I am in love with the prints on them. You can wear the most plain outfit and just adding those boots, would make your look really unique and trendy.

the spoiled queen 11

the spoiled queen6

the spoiled queen7

In Showroom R9 located at Ráday u.9.  in Budapest, you can find some varieties of Dora Abodi collection. If you want to be always up to date, visit her Facebook fan page.

The last but not the least on my list designer, which I would like to introduce you is undoubtedly NUBU.

This brand is very close to my heart because of its minimalistic design, which I simply adore and cannot live without. If you don’t want to overcomplicate clothing, this will be your favorite brand from now on.  What caught my attention is surely: casual over-sized t-shirts and simple cut dresses.

the spoiled queen6

the spoiled queen 5

the spoiled queen2Minimalistic clothes always allow you to add some more visible accessories such as: bags, shoes or jewellery like big earrings or necklaces.

the spoiled queen4

the spoiled queen7

the spoiled queen10

You can visit Nubu store at Andrássy út 13, Budapest or follow the lattes news on its Facebook fan page.

There are more creative designers based in Budapest, whom I am going to introduce you soon. Until then, I would encourage you to visit their websites or stores, when you get a chance to be in Budapest. Also I strongly advise all Hungarian girls who have problems with defining their style to step by to those stores, look around and get to finally know what does a trendy look mean.

What do you think about presented designers and their collections?

Do share your comments.

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