Renewable energy is one of the best ways to fight back against global warming. Solar power has slowly started to eke out a place in the energy market share. Solar Reviews mention that today’s panels can offer efficiency rates of anywhere between 15% and 20%. As solar power makes more of a splash as a stable and reliable power source, people are experimenting with it in some unique applications. One of these is running a garden solely on solar power. If you’re looking at doing some solar-powered gardening, you may want to look at some of the innovations in this area.

Decorative Lights

These lights are similar to the ones people regularly use for ambient lighting in their gardens, but there is a twist. Instead of being hooked up to the house’s electricity supply, these lights collect their energy through a photovoltaic cell. These cells collect energy from the sun and store them in a battery or a capacitor. When the sun goes down, they turn on and cast that unique ambient glow on the garden, giving it an ethereal feel. Great lighting could set the stage for some epic garden displays, all without adding anything to your carbon footprint.

Keeping the Garden Growth Low

You could spend hours weeding and cutting the overgrowth of grass and weeds to make your garden presentable. Some people even enjoy manual labor. However, for those of us who dread weeding and grass-cutting, there’s a solar-powered solution. By employing a Vitirover robot, you can get your grass trimmed in the garden without even breaking a sweat. These robots are powered via solar cells and can be controlled through a smartphone app. They usually have enough charge on them to manage a moderately-sized field.

Solar-Powered Fountains

Do you have a pond in your gardens? What about a small, flowing stream? Maybe you have a water fountain that adds to the refreshing feeling or makes for a stunning water-based display? Solar energy can power all of these by setting up a simple collection and redistribution network. Solar power collected from panels can be consolidated into a central power bank. Through capacitors and energy flow management, a gardener can arrange the system to power up using the solar-linked batteries, ensuring that no grid power is used to energize these impressive displays.

Managing Pests

You could use pesticides in your garden, but if you want to limit your damage to the environment, you should consider pest-management systems from Thanos Home. These systems use solar power to create a powerful anti-rodent effect that keeps your gardens clear of any animals that might attack the plants or shrugs and leave them in a terrible state. Solar power makes these systems self-sufficient. All they need is a sunny day to collect enough power.

Future-proofing your Garden

Fossil fuels will not last forever. Already, we’ve tapped into most of our supply and are on the last bit of oil and gas the earth can offer. The sun, however, is eternal. If you want to be sure your garden can withstand energy crises that may occur, consider making it “future proof” with solar power, and leave the fossil-fuel grid behind.

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