Recently I wrote couple of posts about spring fashion trends, but since we are still facing snow or rainy weather (depends on a day) I decided to prepare for you some warmer outfit proposals.

Today I would like to  introduce you one of the warmest fabric – wool! “It is a natural cloth made of soft animal fibers. The fleece of a merino sheep or lamb is usually the most common one. Luxurious wool types are borrowed from camel, alpaca, vicuña, llama or angora goat. This fabric is timelessly popular, while its precious sorts have always been regarded as the symbol of luxury and high social status. Wool fabrics possess lots of awesome properties. They neither wrinkle nor get contaminated much. Water absorbency, warmth retention, hypoallergenic and durability are just some of the features making this fabric widely favored around the world.”

Out of many types of wool the most luxurious (and my favorite ones at the same time) are:

  1. Cashmere –  very soft and silky type of wool sourced from Kashmir goat
  2. Alpaca – silky and lustrous texture
  3. Vicuña – sourced from Peru finest animal fiber which is ultra soft
  4. Camel – incredibly warm and soft fabric
  5. Guanaco sourced from a wild camelid from South America. Cousin of the vicuña and the alpaca, it is known for its soft downy undercoat.

I am totally in love with all types of sweaters  – either short or long cardigans made out of cashmere or merino wool. Not to mention coats! They are not only super warm but look really classy.  I have one wool coat since 15 years and it still looks like a brand new!

I prepared for your a few outfit proposals and if you wish to get high quality wool fabrics, you should definitely visit Tissura website. You will find there all types of high quality and luxurious wool and you can read some interesting articles about this fabric as well.

I usually like  to pair short sweaters or pullovers (especially the ones made out of mohair or cashmere) with skinny jeans or mini skirts. It keeps me warm and sweaters made out of this fabric look just incredible – they are so soft! On the other hand, long wool cardigans mixed with mini dresses are my number one choice for upcoming spring. Depends on the occasion I’ll pair it with ankle boots or ballerina shoes.

What is your favorite wool fabric?


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