What are your expectations, when you are sitting in Mc’donlads on a Friday afternoon and eating a very unhealthy chicken burger along with huge portion of french fries? You get a feeling, that the next step would be to have a small shot of some strong alcohol in the nearest pub.

When I was looking to get one with my friend, we spotted some line in front of  VAM Design Center.

Apparently there was an event –  Marie Claire Fashion Days and on a Friday you could enter only on an invitation. As me and my friend were looking a bit like celebrities, we entered and introduced ourselves as executives from Rush magazine. One of the hostess quickly checked the list and asked me “Wiktoria – a fashion blogger?”- and i replied with a big “yes”. That how we got an entry. (Till now I have no idea, who was this original Wiktoria, whose name was on the list).

The event took place at Vam Design Center, which is an incredible art gallery and art center, located at Király utca 26 in Budapest.

Among all the photographers, celebrities and any other important heads, you could see a well prepared scenography of upcoming show.

The ramp design was really impressive, especially the huge ball hanging from the ceiling. White color theme was absolutely posh.

Marie ClaireMarie Claire1On Friday, you could mainly see collections designed by by Hungarian brands such:Artista, Imogen, Dora Abodi, NUBU or Zoe Phobic.

(You can find the whole list of brands HERE)

The brands which deserved my Rank number one was the collections of Zako (amazing men’s jackets) and Zoe Phobic (beautiful nude and white colored dresses).

Marie Claire2Zako1ZakoZoe PhobicZoe Phobic1

Worth to mention futuristic bags and printed dresses from DAIGE

Marie Claire4DaigeAs much as I love almost all pieces from every collection, there was some problems with the models who displayed the line of clothes. First and foremost they looked extremely young – almost like teenagers. Only a couple of them knew how to walk professionally on the ramp, while the majority of them were putting forward their heads or they walked like soldiers.

Secondly the make up. If the models looked like kids, at least somebody should have taken care of a professional make up, which underline their face features and make them look more professional and mature (on your left side British top model Cara Delevingne, who has turned 21).

cara.marie clare

Their hair were also some sort of misunderstanding there. Looks like nobody really cared about the fact that all models had straight hair. I understand, that one brand can emphasize on a simple look but all of them?? When you watch professional fashion shows, you can easily notice that make up and hair are always matching the designed clothes (on your left side Hungarian top model Barbara Palvin, who has just turned 20).

Marie Claire0

I believe that the root cause of this problem, was insufficient amount of models, as some of them have represented couple of brands the same evening. Probably, due to shortage of time, make up and hair remained the same.

Actually this is a very interesting thing, as this event was supported by giants like: City Bank, Samsung, Merci and many more similar brands. Does it mean, that the organizers did not negotiate better budget to hire more models? Guys if you need some support on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me next time!

Couple of words about Hungarian nature. As much as those designers are talented and really have artistic souls, unfortunately those kind of clothes do not fit the streets of Budapest. I could hardly see anybody trendy here, which is totally not understandable for me. People here have a huge potential, they really know how to design beautiful clothes, furniture, design interiors in cafes or restaurants but they have some problems with PR campaigns and selling the products. I guess there is a paranoia about somebody criticizing them so the easiest way is to be quiet and not stand out of the crowd. Huge pity, hope that those small fashion shows like Marie Claire one get those people be more brave and show that Hungary is something more than csípős paprika, thermal baths or vine festivals. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

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