Lockdown, Corona, Covid19 are the words that got overnight fame regardless of how bitter this truth tastes. The world has been shaken due to this pandemic compelling every individual to hide forcefully inside their homes for months.
It wasn’t and still is not easy because this façade continuously hitting the lives of people around the globe with its cruel footsteps in almost every country.
Despite its ongoing lethal effects, someone took the initiative by giving a daring look in the eyes of the Corona Pandemic. Guess what, who it possibly could be?
Well, daring is foremost specialty related to models walking fearlessly on-ramps and giving daring and bold looks to the audience present in front of them. However, the owner of Miu Miu brand did a daring decision to walk on snow this time with her snow catwalk models doing modeling for her clothing line and accessories.
The fashion brand success is based on a trio that includes Fabric, designer & customer; an indispensable club in making it successful each time. Anyone out of these three if not perfect can affect the consequences. But there is a fourth factor without which true representation of the brands is impossible. It is models who wore these clothes to make your decision easy while selecting any outfit for yourself.
It must be noticed that Miu Miu alone can’t execute the idea unless her team of models equally joined hands to do this venture including lot of risk involved. Having no audience in front of the eyes yet challenging task because of severe cold weather conditions at Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites.

The brand owner Miuccia Prada always loved the mountains adventure covered with snow. Her show received prize for Fashion Week’s most spectacular shows put in under such extreme weather conditions. One interesting fact about this brand is its name which is actually the nickname of the owner in her childhood.

Models resembling snowcats are looking like the most aggressive, brave, bold and beautiful in mountains while walking confidently giving this show a memorable and sensational clothing line display ever done by artists anywhere.
Daring Cats with “Daring Clothes, but possible” Prada further states. The snow walk summed up in a bonfire ritual performed at mountains where models walked calmly in a circle with the most contented looks after achieving what they wanted there.

Miu Miu specialty is her models representing youth which itself is the symbol of all emotions felt in youth i.e. love, passion, fashion, dare attitude, courage, stamina and enthusiasm. All this is what exactly Miu Miu wanted to show to the world to face the challenge, anywhere, anytime. Miu Miu itself is founded 28 years ago and still has youthful passion.
Miu Miu is the latest century brand which started a few years ago. However, keep going with such an attitude, it would be true to predict that Miu Miu glory will be touching the skies as well as the hearts of millions on earth and will continue to remain in for years to come.

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