Last February world got crazy after Fendi’s fall show in Milan, where The Bag Boy Karlito made its runway debut. Crafted from mink, fox, and goat fur was proudly presented by Cara Delevingne. Imagine that this peculiar pom-pom-esque handbag, which looks like Karl Lagerfeld cost 1,685 USD!


Apparently Bag Boy Karlito has its serious rival, which comes from Poland and is called Pogo Pony. This ultra cute fashionable item melted my heart from the very first time I saw it, and as usual my curious nature forced me,  to dig deeper and find the owner of this masterpiece!

ponywithheartssAs expected, I did. Here is the complete story of this  “must have” item for all respectable fashionistas!

The Spoiled Queen: Pogo Pony is one of the coolest and cutest fashion gadget I saw recently, how it all began?

After 13 years spent in fashion magazines and with family craft heritage at some point I decided fashion styling was no longer enough. I wanted to create something, i needed to make something. The pony idea came quite naturally, in China, probably my favorite destination in the world, in the Year of the Horse when i realized I am also a horse according to Chinese Horoscope. The idea was to combine real fashion trends with not such serious approach. And that’s how Pogo Pony was born, with a funny cute shape and plenty of attitude.

The Spoiled Queen: On your website I saw a lot of different designs of Pogo Pony, such as military, romantic and many more. What is your main source of inspirations?

Frankly, fashion runs in my blood, so despite it sounding like a cliche, inspiration can really strike anywhere. i think over the years in fashion I have develop a sensor that automatically processes the images around into potential patterns. I love traveling, so that’s one major source. I have also been creating my own inspirational scrapbooks since I was 17, so there are quite a few of them, too. But i have to admit, nowadays I tend to visit Pinterest much more than the pages of my scrapbooks.

The Spoiled Queen: Who is your target group?

It might be a bit of a counter intuitive thing, but Pogo Pony was never meant as a toy. It’s a gadget for grown up people who love fashion and are always looking for the next IT thing. In this case sense of humor is necessary, since Pogo Pony life can be quite abstract. But if you “get” the story it makes it so much more special. I have people sending photos of their Pogo Ponies and reporting how they are, what they are doing and where they are traveling to. It’s a really great feeling to know the Pogo Pony story grows and develops independently, with every owner who feels like creating Pogo Pony life. In the near future I’m planning on starting a line with monograms, which will make Pony a perfect personalized gift for various occasions, from baby showers, birthdays to weddings.

ponyinchinasponychristmass-copyponychina15The Spoiled Queen: Any advise how we can „wear” Pogo Pony? Any special place he likes to be attached?

Pogo Pony can add style and a bit of flair to any bag. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the world of simple black or brown styles, that most women wear these days. I have a customer who buys a new Pony every time she buys a new bag. For more timid people I suggest starting with carrying Pogo Pony inside the bag, as a key chain, but I’ve seen people attach it to their belts, jeans, heavy necklaces and coats, too. So your imagination is really the limit.

ppstreetstyle5sppstreetstyle4sThe Spoiled Queen: Am I too old to have one?

There is definitely no age limit and i can easily imagine a style icon like Iris Apfel (94 y.o.) wearing one. Love of fashion and sense of humor is ageless!

Guys I am sure you have tons of not so fashionable bags in your wardrobe. Give them all a second chance! Pogo Pony – just a little add-on, can revive even the most boring design!

Personally, I’m truly amazed of Pogo Pony’s adventure nature. It looks like he traveled around the world. I’m wondering, how would he present himself in Budapest?


All in all I can say good bye Karlito, welcome Pogo Pony! If you wish to be up to date with Pony’s adventures, follow him on his Facebook Fan Page or website.

Don’t hesitate to send me your photos, once Pogo Pony decorates your bag!

I am super curious!



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