Serbia – the European capital of turbo folk and fake boobs. That’s what you might think when you visit this country for the first time. Fortunately I have visited this place so many times and all I want to say is – I love Novi Sad almost as much as Budapest.

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia located in north part of the country.

If you wish to know more about city itself (all the monuments and so on) go and check WIKIPEDIA or buy some proper guidebook. All you can read here, will be as usual devoted to places where you can PARTY.

One of the most interesting place to visit in Novi Sad is definitely Culture Exchange – NGO/Coffee shop located at  Jovana Subotica 21 street.

Culture ExchangeCulture Exchange is not only a place where you can drink local coffee or beverages, but mainly it works like NGO (non – governmental organization), where various workshops such as free language courses, gigs – musical events and performances are organized.

Culture Exchange5

Culture Exchange1Your bike broke down? Just bring it to this place and feel free to use the tools at the bike kitchen to repair it! Or maybe you wish to change the design of your bicycle? Do not hesitate to bring your bike here and work with a professional mechanic who helps you to decide on color, style, and parts.

Culture Exchange 7Culture Exchange8Culture Exchange6Culture Exchange crew knows how to take care of their guests. With large collection of books and board games ready to play there for free, you will surely feel like at home. And if you have an artistic soul, there is a big variety of hand made jewellery or home accessories, which can be bought for reasonable prices. Worth to mention the interior, which is filled with beautiful paintings all over the place.

Culture Exchange3Culture Exchange 10Culture Exchange2If you wish to read more about Culture Exchange mission visit their website Culture Exchange Serbia or just simply come over!

Another favorite place of mine in Novi Sad, which I always need to step in while I am in this city is, Kosmosapiens Art Kafe. Maybe from outside it does not look so fancy but trust me the atmosphere and music is just great.

kosmo sapiensI remember one party with electro punk music, when two young and cute girls were killing the mixer, but they really threw an amazing music show.

Kosmosapiens6Kosmosapiens offers variety of exhibitions and gigs with different types of music and their crew has really interesting religious beliefs – “Be Kosmosapiens don’t be idiot in space”, whatever they mean, I fully agree!

Kosmo Sapiens1Kosmosapiens3Kosmosapiens4This Art Kafe is located at Trg Slobode 2 street, which is the city center.

Kosmospaiens0There is one more place which I have discovered recently – Kod Ceke, a private apartment with deep underground atmosphere, and with access to only privileged people. To be able to enter you need to know the code, to be able to know the code, you need to know appropriate people in the city. To be able to know those people you need to follow my blog. Stay tuned, more info soon!


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