Some of you probably remember that I was hosting fashion tours in Budapest which was part of Airbnb experience. I had various clients in different sizes and a conversation with one girl from Canada stuck in my head. We have been talking about a big gap on the fashion market when it comes to sizes. Her size was 57 and it was already a challenge to find clothes in this size in Budapest. Another girl whose size was petite complained to me that  finding a pair of trousers was always a nightmare for her.  It feels that fashion brands  not always taking into consideration  people with non standard sizes.

Luckily we have Fayma which is a powerful technology that creates a sewing pattern individually for your size, so you no longer need to wonder on how to adjust a standard sewing pattern to fit your size. It is like a liberation of fashion where there are no sizes – only you.

How does it work?

Fayma offers more than 100 designs which you can select from their website. In order to select one, you need to first register, measure yourself (the good thing is you need to do it only once as your data will be automatically saved) and then pick your favorite pattern! What is really great about this technology is the fact that each pattern is coming with sewing instructions! You can literally create your own clothes knowing which type of fabric is the most suitable for a particular design and what type of equipment you need.

Fayma follows a zero-waste philosophy. “This means you get an ideal pattern, just for you, thereby reducing a lot of waste. Zero-waste pattern design involves fitting all the flat pieces of your clothing pattern like a jigsaw puzzle so no fabric is wasted.” I think it’s super important especially nowadays since the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste, with an estimate 92 million tons of textile waste produced every year. In the era of fast fashion, making your own clothes and taking care of the environment at the same time seems to be never so important as its now.

I have selected for you some of my favorite patterns which I think are timeless and very fashionable.  You can easily transform them by pairing them with nice shoes/bags and jewelry.

I have a great news for all fashion lovers! You will receive 50% discount for your first purchase and after that you can make purchases using ‘THESPOILEDQUEEN’ voucher code to receive 10% discount. Sewing your own clothes never seems easier! I strongly encourage you to follow Fayma on their social media and read their blog – you will find there lot of great articles devoted to fashion.

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