Few weeks ago, I posted about Marie Claire fashion days, where I complained a bit about average make up and hairstyles of models. I had some doubts about organization and co-ordination of the event as well. Surprisingly, I got a chance to attend another fashion week, this time organized by a famous brand ‘ Toni&Guy’ . The show was beyond my expectations, not only because of the featured collections which I really admired especially by Nanushka , but also because of the whole organization of this event.

The Toni&Guy fashion event took place at Plazzo Dorottya (Dorottya ut 6), which is an office space which hosts flagship stores for top international retail brands and residential units.

Plazzo DorottyaThe main concept of Toni&Guy Fashion week is to get together the most talented Hungarian fashion designers and introduce their seasonal collections to the local and international fashion industries , twice a year.

In season S/S14 you can praise collections of: KATA SZEGEDI, NUBU, JE SUIS BELLE, ANDA, NANUSHKA and USE UNUSED.

Due to lack of time and a lot of events the same day, I could only attend Je Suis Belle, Anda and Nanushka’s shows, but with my backstage pass had a chance to spot some of the pieces from Used Unused.

Let’s start with the first show – Je Suis Belle

StyleTravelling1StyleTravelling2StyleTravelling3styletravelling52The pieces which I would choose for myself, would be definitely dresses with animal prints.

Je Suis Belle

What caught my attention was the make up on the models, which absolutely matched to the collection and gave it a sort of humorous touch . Models had glued pieces of yellow paper which, seen from a distance ,gave a bit butterfly effect. Looked really cool!

StyleTravelling4Click HERE to watch video from this show

The next collection was being presented by ANDA


StyleTravelling17StyleTravelling24Undoubtedly a brave effort for the featured collection. Many transparent dresses and blouses cut asymmetrically. Loved the blue-red transparent dress but I wonder, if the effect of lightness would be the same, if I wear my bra under it? Of course I need a bra! Naked boobs ,even though shapely enough, need some ‘protection’.

A Big thumbs up to the hairstyles combined with stylish hats and make up.


Click HERE to watch video from this show

And finally my beloved Nanushka!


Adore each and every single pieces from her collection including shoes and bags. Why I am so crazy about her collection? Simply because Nanushka ‘girl’ is a girl everyone wanna be (or at least I want to be). It is a combination of sporty look with some posh and elegant elements but on the other hand wearing those makes you feel closer to the nature. Especially when we talk about graphical sweatshirt with denim skirt or long blue dress with a white vest.

All models had a perfectly wonderful make up, especially their purple lipstick which emphasized their modern look.


NanushkaClick HERE to watch video from this show

I really regret, that I could not stay for Use Unused show but I got to spot a few pieces of their collections , backstage. Especially one, marvelous dress with The Liberty Statue (situated at Gellért Hill).


I think all Hungarians should be proud of this brand. Can you imagine better promotion for your country?

Below photos from their show (source: TGFWB)

Use UnusedUse Unused1Use Unused2Use Unused3Use Unused4

Use Unused5

Click HERE to watch video from this show

There was around two hour break between each show but organizers took care of our spare time as well. There were a few pop up stores, where you could browse through clothes and accessories from different brands and some comfort zone where you could relax before the next show and grab something to eat.


Couple of words about the job of a model. If anyone of you thinks, it is a fairy tail, unfortunately my friend you are very wrong. It requires a lot of hard work which lasts for many hours. This not only includes the models but also the whole crew along with the designers too. I had a chance to peep through the backstage, where one model was taking out her clothes in a rush , second one was trying to have quick lunch while the hairdresser did her hair and in the middle of everything a designer who was responsible for a final outcome.

StyleTravelling6StyleTravelling8Kate Kondas Hungarian top model giving interview for Glamour magazine


StyleTravelling7StyleTravelling45StyleTravelling47StyleTravelling48StyleTravelling49StyleTravelling50StyleTravelling51I truly hope, that those events help Hungarian designers build a reputation not just locally but also in the international fashion scene. I strongly encourage to visit their online shops or step into their stores, when you have a chance to visit Budapest.


Special thanks to TGFWB for initiative, BigBag PR Agency for organization and invitation and my photographer  Margarita Szabo.

Looking forward the next fashion show.


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