Few months ago, I mentioned that our Budapest vintage mecca – Szputnyik shop moved to a new spot with a  300 meters square space, still located at Dohány u. 20. During my last photo shoot, you could witness only a few great outfits, this shop had to offer. This time I was followed by the camera crew and decided to show you all kind of treasures you can actually find in this store.

You can be very surprised seeing high heel shoes from Dolce&Gabbana, vintage bag straight from Chanel, old school furs and many more new items such as beautiful long skirts or high quality tank tops with really cute prints!

Men would not be disappointed either. During my visit to the store, I found a great men’s moccasins from YSL, fantastic brand new backpacks and unlimited choices when it comes to high quality t shirts and really fancy men’s scarves.

I could not forget about tons of jewelery!. Literally, you have such a big choice that you can spend hours before you actually choose something.




More photos  to be featured in my next post. Stay tuned!!


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