Have you ever traveled to a foreign country, where you wish to explore a particular city through the eyes of a local? How many times it happened that you waste your precious time ending up in the most touristic spots of the town just because you did not receive a guiding hand?

There was a group of enthusiastic people who decided to change any miserable trip by providing all the comprehensive information about the hidden pearls of each city. They created a VoiceMap – a mobile application which you can easily download on your phones. The sole aim is to take stories beyond the screen.

How does it work?

Once you download the app “VoiceMap” on your  iPhones or Android devices, it will use your location to play audio automatically and include offline maps. All you need to do is  put on your headphones and you’re ready to explore.

I mentioned several times that I was quite tired of seeing all the lost tourists or even expats to always end up in the same places when it comes to party. Since I am a pretty experienced party – animal (or rather a master of disaster) I was quite happy when the team from VoiceMap shot me a note that they would like to see my contribution regarding Budapest. I could choose whatever topic, from art galleries to sightseeing but whoever reads my blog from time to time, already know that all I care about is a good vibe, interesting interiors and unforgettable party – even if this includes drinking tea or coffee. All it counts is the fact that it happens outside of your house!

Now imagine that you have just one evening to spend in Budapest, and you’d like to experience the party scene in this lovely city. How will you make sure that you make the most of it? And don’t leave without tasting the best coffees, eating the most delicious food and trying different flavors of palinka and local wine? I prepared for you, a Budapest’s Essential Party Route, which allows you to do all these things, and live your life to the fullest. I’m going to show you where the best places to eat and drink in Budapest, are. You can stop along the way, or complete the walk and wander back, sampling anything that caught your eye.

You can follow this route by clicking on this link:

Budapest’s Essential Party Route

Don’t waste your precious time being in Budapest. Download the map and free yourself! Once you follow the route, I can ensure that you will have the party of your life and you will be more motivated to come back to Budapest and explore other hidden gems!

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