The Spoiled Queen took a break and is currently in Poland. For your information, some new interviews are coming up, where the main topics will be a fashion industry in Hungary (I will be pulling a tongue of stylists, owners of underground clothes store and people from PR agencies, who are behind the fashion shows).

Today I am taking male beards and mustache under my loupe. Why? Well, one of the factors was definitely the fact that Polish ex president, Lech Walesa shaved his mustache. It wouldn’t be anything special but for Poles his mustache was a symbol of freedom and they were treated as a national treasure. Personally, he looks quite weird without them, but he claimed he needed to shave them as he was going to Dubai and wished to get tanned evenly. Guys , everyone deserve some summer break, please be more understanding to him!.

the spoiled queen

Recently, I have discovered a great blog – 100 Beards, 100 days on Tumblr devoted to males’ beards. The owner – Jonathan Daniel Pryce, who is a freelancer photographer based in UK, taking a great shoot of bearded gentlemen, on the London streets. As many guys live there, as many beard we can admire. From  “big and bushy to trendy and trimmed”.






tumblr_my6eqcmU0a1ra3g7to1_1280source:100 beards

If you are in Budapest and wish to see a variety of beards, there is not a better place than Telep. Every second guy has a very sophisticated beard, there. However I was never a big fan of mustache and hairy face (I had always a weird feelings, that the small bites of food might stick into those hair), I must admit, that guys there look like a real men, not like some chumps.

the spoiled queen1 source:iambarnie





Coming back to polish ex president, even if he shaved his mustache, I think we have already a good replacement. Currently the most popular polish beard belongs to Ekskluzywny Menel (in English means exclusive boom), who is a fashion blogger based in Poland.

eksklzywny menel ootd mens fashion fashion lookbook blog zara hm armani chobot 1 5

lb 24 ekskluzywny menel lookbook paul rizk mensfashion ekskluzywny menel zara2


eksklzywny menel ootd mens fashion fashion lookbook blog zara hm armani chobot 108

Although all the above guys look extremely stylish, trendy, hot and sexy, none of them can beat my brother, when it comes to beard.

He started to grow it more than 7 years ago and it was so long, that he had to do a braid, which became a dreadlocks. The beard together with braid is up to his belly.

However this beard looks very freaky, he needs to cover it under his t-shirt, as his 2 years old son has so much fun while pulling it down. Wouldn’t like to be in my brother’s skin during this funny game.

What is your opinion about the beards and mustache?

Do you think, its still a hipster symbol or rather inseparable part of male appearance?

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