As you know already, I am not the biggest fan of posh places, especially night clubs. No matter where I used to travel, I was trying very hard to avoid such places, as much as possible, but not always with a success. The same is here in Budapest, you will rarely find me in such places. Why? Well, Budapest as lovely and beautiful city it seems to be, it’s not always going hand in hand with a dress code and general appearance, and here I am taking mainly about the ladies. Who do I meet in Budapest’s posh hangs outs? Mostly ‘bimbos’, ladies with screaming colored outfits, too tight dresses or mini skirts, absolutely horrible high heel shoes full of glitter and studs, fake tits, collagen lips, and artificial nails. They look so gross, that sometimes I am thinking whether they are still women or some sort of drag queens. Usually they are hunting for rich guys or they are already accompanying some fat, bald businessmen acting like escort girls. Let me correct myself, not only young girls but also sugar mamas or Milfs, whoever you wish, you can find there.

Guys in such places are not any better. Big belly, and lack of hair on their heads could already tell you that half of their life is already gone. With their drunk sight, they are searching some young girls, who can remind them of good sex they had around 15 years ago.

In most cases their wives are at home, washing their stinky underwear or maybe those guys have some housekeeper in their house? At the end, their wallets are as big as their bellies.

Anyway guys, I do not want to sound so pessimistic, as I know that places with such people  exist everywhere around the world, however I am living in Budapest and this is my main focus at the moment.


After my dark introduction, I can actually surprise you. Just recently I have discovered a really nice tapas place, which is something between an elegant lounge bar and a restaurant, aimed at getting mature clients, mostly above 30.

ZIZI Bár is a place that I can really recommend you. Why? Well their long bar with unique bar chairs has just stolen my heart. Bar with seats is the central part of this place and black lamps with green lights gives it a more posh tone. This is one of those bars which you can see in some Hollywood movies or shows, where usually some single lady is seated alone and apparently some gentleman tries to impress her.




People there look very decent as for Hungarian standards, I would even say that they look really good and behave appropriately. You could find people of all ages, but surely a bit older, so you do not need to be surrounded by noisy youngsters.

With a big variety of drinks, especially wines , you can really have a good date there. I just had one yesterday and the whole ambiance was really good. In a small corner, you will find a dj, who plays not too loud music, which allows you  to have a nice conversation with your partner or friends.

Tapas lovers will find something for themselves. I did not try any of the dishes, but the way they are served, looked delicious with great presentations.




This place hosts some fashion shows too. Few weeks ago I attended one, organized by One Fashion Agency, where you could price collections from Dora Abodi, for instance. Me and my business partner observed really carefully the show itself, and I must say it was not organized so professionally, as waiters instead of giving themselves 20 min break to let the show go on, were walking around and serving clients, creating additional fuss. This was a bit chaotic for the guests because they could not pay that much attention to the collections and were rather busy with taking to their friends. Still, there is a big potential in this place and with better preparation and obedient services and clients, you can expect a very successful fashion events there.



1939879_774735969263239_7982197580371558873_ncredit: ZIZI BÁR

ZIZI Bár is located in the district V on Hercegprímás utca 12,  very close to Basilica. More information can be found about this place on Zizi website or on their Facebook page. Let me know what do you think about this place, once you have an opportunity to pay a visit.

Can you recommend some good lounge bars in your cities?

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