Feel tired of current weather? Wish to be somewhere in the south of Europe? Spain, Italy? I have easier idea for you, it’s enough when you visit two, relatively new places with amazing Italian and Spanish food in Budapest downtown!

If you feel like eating delicious pasta prepared by Italian chef but you also want to have a homey and cozy interior, there is no better place in Budapest than Al Dente, located at Krúdy utca 9. This place looks just like many little bistros in Italy. What I truly like about this place is the informal atmosphere.  Wooden little tables and chairs, cute decorations and kind of open kitchen corner, where you can exactly see how your food is prepared. It’s very lively spot and for me it felt that I was rather in some Italian house, than a restaurant.

Food is a separate story. Their Mediterranean cuisine is based on typical, Italian products so you can be sure about the quality. I have been served Tuscan tomato soup and probably because I am a girl and this place is run by Italians, they draw a whip cream heart  on my soup. Thanks guys, that was really cool!

If you visit this restaurant, go for Fusilli with smoked salmon in vodka-pink sauce and never say no, if they offer you lasagna! Worth to mention, that you can drink there one of many Italian wines and perfect cappuccino!

Let’s move to Spain now, or rather to Fuego (located at Kazinczy 3/b) which is the first rotisserie chicken restaurant in Budapest! The most important thing about this place is wood grill, where chicken is slowly cooked on an open fire and makes it incredibly  tasty and tender. Side dishes are delicious too! You can choose Fuego fries, which appears to be a hot dish (everyone goes for them and they claimed to be addictive) calamari, croquettes and a great choice of salads. You can choose one of few dips, from mild to spicy ones. The aioli and blueberry chili sauces complemented both of the potatoes sides and the calamari rings.

You should not leave this place without trying one of their own deserts: cheesecake  and lemon cake.  There is also very good option on the weekdays from 12 till 5 pm, you have lunch menu, which contains roasted chicken breast, potato fries and mixed salad. Fuego is quite spacious place with clean and modern interior but has really nice decorations and food is served on wooden plates. I really like the idea of centrally located, long table with long chairs. It’s  appears to be a perfect solution when you come with bigger group of friends, its always easier to share the food!

What’s your favorite spot in Budapest, with this type of food?


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