Today I would like to give you a quick update on new, hot spots in the city. If you feel like spending time a bit outside of the city center, you should definitely check Kalicka Bistro, located at Rottenbiller u. 32. Interior of this place is just breath taking. When you look at the walls, you will notice many surrealist drawings, created by well known Hungarian artist – Jakócs Dorottya ( who is also behind many murals in Budapest).  Kalicka Bistro  is designed to capture different aspects of culture: from music programs through exhibitions, movie nights to little live concerts or dj sets. It’s an ideal place to spend cozy and cultural evening with your friends.

There are two places, in Budapest downtown, which I discovered quite recently. How about drinking Caffè Vergnano, a real Italian espresso, produced since 1882? If you feel like having a good coffee along with some delicious pastry or have some quick lunch – Solinfo Café (Wesselényi u. 6.) is the right place for you! Interior of this place is a separate story, especially when you look at the lamps! They are beyond your imagination! It’s really good spot to bring your laptop and work a bit, or have little chat with your friends.

credit: Solinfo Café

Finally we can move to the newest and I bet the hottest spot, opened in Budapest – DOBRUMBA (Dob u. 5) All fans of Mediterranean and middle Eastern cuisine should check this place! Having Morocco, Algeria, Turkey or Georgia, on your plate, means a feast for your senses! I simply love a combination of  real plants and industrial design of this place.  You can truly feel this middle Eastern vibe, especially when your food is served on beautiful dishes. I strongly recommend this place!

credit: We Love Budapest

credit: DOBRUMBA

What’s your favorite spot in Budapest?


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