It’s always fun to pack a bag and take a trip somewhere, but it’s also true that some journeys are more fun than others. One of the factors of those less memorable trips is when it feels like you’ve done the type of trip a million times before. It’s good and enjoyable, but if it feels a little too similar to the rest, then it won’t be a standout adventure. To ensure that you continue loving all that travelling can bring to your life, it’s important that you’re finding ways to keep things exciting. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few tried and tested methods for doing just that.

Set a Budget

Most people would like to travel without any limitations regarding time and finances. However, there is something to be said for creating a budget — it’s one of those things that can push you to be creative and to really think about all the possibilities of travelling. For example, if you knew you had X amount of cash, then you’d likely to spend the night in a different type of accommodation (such as a hostel) or find a cheap and cheerful local eatery, two things you may not normally do.

Alternative Journeys

When most of us take a trip, we usually just head to the airport, board a plane, and land more or less in the centre of the destination that we’re visiting. While this is fine, it’s not the only option — and there’s a lot of value in exploring the other methods of getting from A to B. An airplane is, these days, a means to an end. Other methods of transportation form part of the experience. Could you get to your destination via train or boat? Or what about investing in a van like the VW California and having the freedom to go (and sleep) wherever you please? Whether it’s a train, boat, or campervan that you choose, one thing’s for sure — it’s unlikely that you’ll go back to travelling by airplane anytime soon.

Where To Go

It’s a big old world out there, but doesn’t it seem as if everyone’s going to the same places? There’s normally a reason for this — they’re the best destinations in the world! But still, they’re not the only places worthwhile visiting. So the next time you’re planning a trip, why not look at going somewhere that’s slightly off the beaten path? You’ll find that nearly everywhere is a great place to visit if you have an open mind.

Pick a Theme

Finally, why not pick a theme for your trip? This is a way to make general destinations more interesting on an individual level. For example, if you love food, then you could make a trip that’s all about eating in the best restaurants/sampling local food. If you’re a literary-minded person, then you could follow in the footsteps of your favourite author — such as taking a Hemingway tour of France and Spain. You’ll find that having a focal point allows you to see the destination through a different lens.

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