I am back with new travel post! Few days ago I visited  again Ljubljana and had some short trip to lake Bled. 

Ljubljana is generally  a quiet and peaceful city but it does not mean that things are not happening there! Every time I visit Slovenian capital I always tend to find some new spots! 

Where to eat?

Ljubljana has many good restaurants offering great food and really big choice when it comes to international cuisine. 

One of the best place was without a doubt Abi Falafel, located at Trubarjeva  40 (this is my favourite street in Ljubljana). This relatively small restaurant offers amazing Middle Eastern dishes. In addition to fresh foods, you can also buy imported Arab specialities, spices, Tahini, rose water and other products.

Another great place offering Lebanese food  is Libanonske meze in drugi užitki.  Fantastic mezze  and crispy sticks filled with carrot and cheese just melted in my mouth. Strongly recommended.

Looking for some French breakfast? No better place than Le Petit cafe. Fresh toast and baked eggs stole my heart. This place has really nice interior design, which give you sort of homey feeling. I really enjoyed my cappuccino there!

Where to drink?

I would  start the day with TOZD – called by locals a hipster’s paradise. To be honest with you, I did not notice any of them, rather good looking, fashionable people which Ljubljana is full of anyways. This place strikes a delicate balance between its design, super friendly staff  and fine selection of snacks and drinks. I truly love their patio which is located by the river – it is a perfect spot to hang out with your friends on a warm day. But what really caught my attention was various international magazines and books. Of course, we can not forget about music! Great selection of tunes from different  genres. 

As a local tip, I can recommend you a fantastic bar located next to Ljubliana’s Town Hall – Pritličje. During the morning and noon hours, it functions as a cozy cafe with lunch options but transforms into a lively venue for music and culture during evenings. I had a great time there!

Bar Magda was my latest discovery. Super cozy interior, great selection of drinks and oysters make this place truly special. It is really cool hang out in the city centre and their patio gives you a great opportunity to feel the city beat.

Where to stay?

Only in beautiful boutique hotel Vander Urbani Resort!

This place offers amazing rooms with cozy yet sophisticated interior, restaurant and roof top bar with weekend parties. You will get a chance to try local dishes and Slovenian wine. 

Do you have any favourite places in Ljubljana? Do share your comments! 

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