After one month break (creativity crisis ) I am coming back with bunch of new places, worth a visit once you are in Budapest.

If you would have only 24 h to spend in our lovely city, there are spots you just can not miss out!

Let’s start with some good breakfast place. If you are strolling around the city in the early hours, you have to stop by and check Artizán (Hold utca 3.) – amazing bakery and pastry shop in district V. This lovely place bakes their own bread, so you will get probably the most delicious sandwich in town. Pastries are another story – soft and crispy, loaded with fresh fruits and vanilla.

credit: Artizán

Around this hood you will find another cool breakfast/lunch spot FICAK Bisztró (Nádor utca 34). Daily menu, fresh coffee and super cozy interior is something what you need to kick off your day!

If you are looking for something more sophisticated where interior is a key aspect, then you have to visit HILDA (Nádor utca 5.) You will notice striking interior even before entering the space. Marvelous glass mosaic covers one of the walls in its entirety, and the bar is studded with four rows of dark blue, glazed ceramic tiles, looks simply fantastic. I am in love with the interior of this place but let’s not forget about culinary which Hilda is famous for. You can eat there some Hungarian specialties made out of fresh and high quality products  – plump rotisserie chicken or smoked duck breast. It’s also a great place to have a cocktail in the evening – the overall atmosphere is so charming that you might have some difficulties to leave this restaurant.

credit: HILDA

Second high class place which I can truly recommend you is Börze (Nádor utca 23.).  Art Deco  inspired interior and gourmet food is what this place is famous for. This is one of those restaurants, where you can seat for hours and feel like at home. This spot operates as well as a little  shop, where you can buy some high quality wines and sweets and even hand made soaps. Strongly recommend you to check it out.

credit: Börze

If you wish to change the vibe a bit and be around fashionable, industrial and chic crowd visit STIKA (Dob utca, 46/A). Breakfasts and lunches are served here until 6 pm and in the evening you can easily go for a massive hamburger and a glass of wine? (not to feel so dirty about heavy evening meal).

credit: STIKA

If you decide to stay longer in VII district you should check out M.Restaurant. It’s located on one of the side streets of our party district (Kertész 48.) and welcome its guests with delicious daily menu and really nice selection of starters. This cozy spot is a perfect choice for long, warm evenings as you can seat outside at one of the long table, where there is a chance to strike a conversation with some stranger.

credit: M.Restaurant

When you feel that you did not have enough caffeine in your blood, you should get some extra shoot in Kontakt a coffee shop in Budapest downtown (Károly körút 22). Kontakt’s policy is not to add any sugar to the coffees, nor any milk to the drip coffees, so that the rich coffee flavors can be fully appreciated. If you like very minimalist interiors and high quality coffee prepared with love and care this place is definitely for you.

creditű. Kontakt

Since we are in Karóly körút you can not miss amazing  food served in Impostor – a stone throw away from the previous place (Vitkovics Mihály utca. 8). Asian & Latin American inspired dishes will truly surprise you. Bao which is one of the signature positions in Impostor’s menu is definitely something you must try out. Not to mention Tiki cocktails – 3 types of high quality rum with other magic ingredients will grove you into the night! 

 More exciting places in Budapest in my upcoming articles.

Stay tuned!





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