Bangkok is a very popular destination for backpackers and a lot of people visit the city every year to experience the vibrant party atmosphere. The city also has a rich historical heritage and there are lots of incredible Buddhist temples that you can visit as well. However, a lot of people visit Bangkok and only scratch the surface of what this amazing city has to offer. 

Bangkok has a reputation for being a party city for young backpackers, which means that a lot of people don’t stay there for too long when they visit Thailand. They might fly into Bangkok and stay there for a night or two before heading off to other areas of the country to visit some of the popular religious sites and beautiful landscapes. But this is a real shame because Bangkok isn’t just about the nightlife and there are actually a lot of amazing things to see and do, which people don’t know about. If you are planning a trip to Thailand and you are not planning to stay in Bangkok for too long, you should think again. Here’s how to plan an alternative trip to Bangkok if you are not interested in the nightlife. 

Stay In Rama 9

When you are looking for somewhere to stay in Bangkok, you should definitely consider the Rama 9 district. It’s one of the most vibrant and diverse areas of the city and although it’s popular with business travelers, there are also plenty of things to do for tourists as well. You can easily find a great condo for rent in Rama9 that is well situated with good travel links, so you have access to the whole city. There are some great shopping districts in the area as well as lots of nice restaurants and cafes to visit. If you want to stay somewhere well located with lots going on, Rama 9 is the best area of Bangkok for you.

Visit The Airplane Graveyard

There are many popular tourist attractions in and around Bangkok, but one that doesn’t get as many visitors as it should is the Airplane Graveyard. This huge abandoned lot to the east of the city is filled with old decommissioned aircraft. It sounds like a bit of a strange attraction to visit but everybody that goes there finds it a very interesting experience. It’s a great place to take pictures if you’re into photography. If you want to visit, you will have to pay a fee to one of the families that live on the lot, but it isn’t expensive and it’s worth it because this is one of the most unique experiences that you can have around Bangkok.

Do Some Shopping At The Maeklong Railway Market

The railway markets in Thailand offer some of the most unique shopping experiences anywhere in the world. The middle of a train track doesn’t seem like the most practical place to put a market, especially when the trains are still running, but that’s exactly what you will find at the Maeklong Railway Market. It is around an hour’s drive outside of Bangkok but it’s worth the trip. You will find lots of stalls with delicious local food items and handmade local products crafted by the vendors. Every time the train comes, which is around 8 times a day, all of the vendors grab their stalls and move them off to let it pass before setting up again in record time. The market itself is a vibrant and exciting experience, but watching the vendors move their stalls back and forth to avoid the trains is an incredible thing in itself.

Explore The City On The Water

When you think of exploring a city on the canal system, Venice probably springs to mind. But did you know that Bangkok also has a network of canals running throughout the city? Many people that visit the city don’t know that they even exist and that you can take a Khlong boat on the Chao Phraya River. Many tourists use the boats along the river as a mode of transport to and from the big tourist attractions, like Wat Pho, but they never explore any further. If you want to see a different side of the city, exploring it on the water is a great option.

Go Surfing At The Flow House

When you are planning your trip to Bangkok and making an itinerary, surfing probably isn’t top of your list of things to do, considering you are in the middle of a city. But if you do want to try your hand at surfing, you should visit the Flow House while you are in Bangkok. Inside, you will find a huge wave simulator where you can learn to surf. It’s not quite the real thing but if you’re looking for an exciting activity to do while you are in Bangkok, it’s great. There is also a bar and a restaurant on site so you can enjoy some delicious authentic Thai food after a long afternoon of surfing.

Visit The Condom Museum

Visiting museums while you travel is a great way to get to know the country that you are in and learn more about its history. But sometimes, you don’t want to go to a traditional museum, you want to go somewhere more unique, like the Museum of Sex in New York, for example. Many people don’t know this, but Thailand is one of the world’s biggest exporters of condoms, which is why they have a great museum dedicated to them. The museum was set up as a project to promote safe sex in the country and it’s an incredibly interesting way to spend a few hours on your trip to Bangkok. You will learn all about how they are made and used around the world, and if you are hungry afterwards, you can visit the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant for a dining experience like no other. Although the whole place is decorated with condoms, it’s actually a very relaxed restaurant atmosphere. 

These are some of the most underrated attractions and experiences that people often miss when they visit Bangkok, so if you want to plan an alternative trip to the city, these things should be on your itinerary.

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