We’ve all been there. We’ve all been invited to a bash of some kind and, before we consider the actual occasion, we think ‘so what am I going to wear?’ It’s quite a selfish and self-absorbed statement to make, but it’s something that we all cannot really help, huh? Going out in public comes with many different risks, of course! People will always have their eyes on us, just as we always have our eyes on them. People will always judge, just as we’ll always subconsciously judge them.

For many people out there, picking an outfit isn’t difficult. This is due to a couple of different reasons. The first is down to sheer experience and confidence – many fashionistas know exactly how to pull off a certain look for a certain occasion. They know what’s too much and what isn’t enough. The second reason is down to sheer apathy. There are a bunch of people on this planet that just do not care about what others think and, with that, will not bother about their outfit. While it’s quite a strange way of behaving, you have to respect their ability to go through life, only caring about what they want! 

If you’re an overthinker, then the prospect of a big (or little) get-together can send shockwaves through your brain. You’ll wonder what it is you have to do in order to fit in or not mess things up. Loads of different questions will run through your mind, and you’ll daydream heaps of scenarios where things go badly – you’ll also have daydreams of things going well, too, fortunately. You should probably calm down and realize that everything is going to be fine – that’s your first job. Secondly, you’re going to need to, with a clear head, think about a few things leading up to the big day (or night). What are those questions you should probably be asking yourself? Well, here are a few now:

How Many People Are Attending?

When you think of an occasion with lots of people, that’s usually when something important or significant is happening. It’s probably important to put a little effort into your wardrobe in this instance. The chances are that, even if there’s a hint of informality about it, there will still be a pretty formal undercurrent surrounding it, so you might want to consider adding a little smartness to your casual look – if casual is the hill you’re willing to die on tonight!

How Long Is The Event?

Let’s be honest; you don’t want to wear the wrong thing if you’re going to be standing up all day as you suffer through an event that takes hours and hours. If you’re going to be attending an all-day occasion, then you need to think about your comfort more than anything else – we all want to look good, but at what expense? Wearing the best glasses from a great collection and sticking on a tight-fitting pair of jeans might not be the best idea if you’re going to be hanging around awkwardly all day and night!

What Is The Tone?

This is pretty obvious, but there’s always a certain tone that comes with an event. If it’s something like a birthday, a wedding or a funeral, then you’re going to know how to behave and what to wear. There are times, however, where you aren’t exactly sure about what the deal is, so asking around for a little advice would probably help you in this regard. You don’t want to turn up and stand out negatively while also giving off a terrible impression. How many times have you turned up to an event and felt a little underdressed? It’s not the best feeling in the world, is it? Be sure to look up exactly how you need to be attired.

What’s The Weather Like?

This is a similar point to a previous one in that you need to know how the day is going to pan out. You really don’t want to wear too much while the sun is out, and you certainly don’t want to go without a jacket if it’s going to be freezing cold. At the end of the day, people will not be bothered about the way you’re looking if you’re dressed appropriately in terms of the climate. There are certain priorities that come into play here, and the way you look comes second to any health issues! Be sure to pick your ensemble smartly, so you aren’t the only one in a little pain due to overthinking the color and design!

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