American style or the Italian? Which is better? This question keeps popping in my mind again and again , after my last post about Pitti Uomo.
The truth is I like them both although they are really different from each other. In my previous post I gave you a link to the Instagram of Riccardo Pozzoli , who is ex boyfriend of one of the most famous and influential blogger Chiara Ferragni – girl behind The Blondesalad. After checking his profile, I saw a lot of drama going on there, as Chiara has a current American boyfriend Andrew Arthur and he depicts a totally west coast style.

Why is there so much drama behind this? Well, Italians and other fans of other nationalities who were following Chiara’s blog almost from the beginning got angry/confused/disappointed that she broke up with Riccardo and started hanging out with Andrew.
They actually started abusing this poor American guy, which included ‘he is ugly’ remarks , followed by ‘he smokes/drinks’ etc.and he is not as stylish as Riccardo.
Some of them were whining on Ricky’s profile about he being dumped by Chiara and wishing both of them to get back together as they were one of the most powerful and glamorous couples who perfectly represented Italian fashion.


There is another group of people, who is accusing Chiara on her new style which is not really her thing.From a very posh, Italian look , she has transformed her style to a rock star one and became more American than Italian – of course the accusations are towards Andrew claiming it to be all his fault.

Actually ,I feel sorry for all three of them. Starting with Ricky who has been dumped by Chiara (this is also an assumption, widely spread by others, we do not really know what happened between them, and who broke up with whom, first) stills cooperates with her in terms of work. With all these differences , now he might wants to see if the other guy is taking care of his ex-girlfriend ( I guess it must be painful for his Italian Pride).



I feel sorry for Andrew – the innocent guy who has to be in the middle of all this drama, somehow, getting abused by random people from around the world for having a crush on some pretty Italian woman. He was almost threatened to leave Chiara alone and let her be with Ricky again.

AndrewArthurFinally Chiara , a girl who was 6 years in a relationship with Ricky ,maybe got bored or needed some changes in her life (as she is still very young – maybe 26, no more than that) decided to be with another man but she needs to face so many nasty comments, assumptions, guilt only because she was courageous enough to change her life (although she probably knew about the consequences).

So after digging into their profiles a little bit, and going through all this drama which is currently going on their Instagrams, I asked myself a fundamental question – which style is better? Italian or American?
As much as I adore all combinations of sport suits with some decent, leather moccasins or funny socks so widely presented by Italians, I still can not get rid of those converse shoes combined with some cool , relaxed shirt or jumpers.

Riccardo2Riccardo4Riccardo6Riccardo7Riccardo8Riccardo10Andrew7Andrew3Andrew1Andrew10style 1
What if we just simply mix those two styles and create something very new?
Can you imagine some sport suits with converse shoes? Or nice tight shirt with some sport shorts? Maybe Japanese/South Korean style could be a solution here?
I think this could be a compromise , as I am not into this glamorous way of style that much , especially during daytime , when we are all working and most of the time we are in a rush, therefore we should wear more comfortable clothes. On the other hand, I am not into rock/street wear style that much either , as it should be rather reserved for young boys not adult men.

style12jpgstyle10style14(Check more photos under my post Asian Inspirations)

So what is your opinion? Would you prefer more Italian or American style?

Or maybe a combination of both?

For the first time, I really encourage you to visit Chiara/Ricky/Andrew Instangram profiles and express yourself here, right under this post.

One small remark , while it was very easy to find all Riccardo’s photos (as google is full of it), I had serious difficulties in finding any of Andrew’s solo photos. This also might explain, that Italians not only carry a different style in terms of fashion but they just like to show off, and this is absolutely normal, and I would say it is part of their culture, while Americans do not really care about those things, they just take things easy and the way they are.

Maybe Woody Allen should come back to Italy once again. This time to Milan and shoots a second part of his movie ‘To Rome with Love’. But this time, the title should be rather ‘Drama in Milan’.




  1. I prefer how the Italian guy looks but he is investing too much energy in looking good and pretending to be lay back about it, dont think he is succeeding after all…no comment on the tattoo

  2. Definitely the Italian style! Even if eating French fries in the “most amazing suit ever” seems a bit too much:)
    And the girl is beautiful.

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  4. Definitely Italian style! I am European living in the US, and cannot really understand some american outfit picks. Not that I am closed-minded, I think that Italian style is more aesthetical. I feel sorry for Ricardo, I really loved this couple. But it looks like is a good, loving guy and he will find his princess:) For now, I don’t think he will be looking for one. He will be trying to recover and will be more in work:)
    Good luck Chiara and Ricardo.
    I am sure they are still very close..

  5. When Chiara went to the US while Ricardo was somewhere in Asia, I didn’t realize it at first that they would’ve split up. But when Chiara called Arthur “special someone” I smelled something not so normal. Then maybe no, they’re still together. Since that time Chiara was about to go to Vietnam, thought she and Ricardo would meet up in there. But no, Ricky was in Nepal(am I right?) While Chiara was in Vietnam. So from there, you could actually see they’re no longer together, since they usually travel together especially if it’s for vacation. Then come fashionweeks and Ricky’s not on Chiara’s side? It’s confirmed. Though I’m still in the dark as to why and how? They have like quite a relationship with regards to Chiara’s post (I’ve been following her since 2011) And it’s just so sad how they’re 6 year relationship has ended.

    Sorry, just wanna write this in here. x

  6. Thx for your comment. To be honest I do not really care about Chiara, Ricardo and Andrew life. Her blog and the whole drama is just a background to show the differences between American and Italian style. Anyway, what’s your opinion? Which style you prefer? 🙂

  7. Valentina proud Italian Reply

    I am Italian, and I assure you we are not all made for drama, that’s just a stereotype Americans have of us.
    I gave you a simple explanation of why there is such a drama behind their break up: Chiara has become a real internet star here in Italy, and this is time that in Italy internet is getting diffused to very young people, the kind of people who consider her as an idol and so her boyfriend and their relationship.
    So you can easily image what’s te medium age of the people who have made such a drama, that’s a situation like Kristen Stewart’s break up with her Twilight’s boyfriend.

  8. Chiara has no personality, every time she changes her bf, she changes style, so boring

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