My latest, random trip to Italy turned out to be an extremely funny experience. Without much thinking or preparation I went to Trieste where I discovered one of the most bizarre beaches I have ever been.


This beach is situated in the city center of Trieste and was split in 1890  in two parts by a wall which separates woman from men. On this beach you do not have any problem to swim or sunbath topless. I took this chance and threw away my bra right away.

I must admit it was one of the best experiences where I could finally liberate myself, without thinking that somebody was going to judge me.  This is also the place where ladies in different age meet and simply celebrate their life.

On the other hand, just behind the wall you have men who seem to enjoy their life too, of course peeking around the wall from time to time. I would not call this beach pretty since you have stones and little rocks instead of a sand, not really the perfect view as there is some weird pier almost in front of the beach along with ugly and shabby walls. But somehow you find this place charming, probably because it perfectly represents a typical day in the life of an Italian.

credit: Lavinia Parlamenti


It’s another beach where most of the tourists and locals go. I would say it’s a bizarre beach because you actually lay down on the pavement. There are very few spots where you can find any sort of sand, still fully covered by little stones.  You can have a nice walk though since this place offers a long promenade plus a clear view on the sea.

 Where to eat and shop?

The best pizza in town is served in Bianco very nice service, great interior and buffalo mozzarella pizza tastes like heaven. If you wish to taste typical Italian homemade dishes you need to visit Trattoria Da Mara.

Need a drink? Check out Lettera Viva with nice terrace in a very cool neighborhood. There is also an option to work from there, so you can treat this place as a little co-working space.

Araqua is a great vintage store offering clothes for women and men, accessories plus home decor items. You will find there also pieces from big fashion houses!

Any bizarre beaches you had a pleasure to visit?




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