I usually write about spots or various hang outs located on Pest side, but since we have enormous amount of tourists (the good and the really bad ones) some districts  like V, VI or VII have been recently smashed.

It’s no longer a pleasure for me to go to the party district (VII), as breaking through crazy amount of people (where majority of them are usually drunk) make me simply exhausted. Marget Island which was considered as a green lungs of Budapest, became recently something like an amusement park, where you can have serious difficulties to gather your thoughts.

Luckily I have quite nice alternative for those who want to discover Budapest, but at the same time who would like to have more quality and peaceful time. You just have to shift to other side of the river, precisely saying to Krisztina ter and Vérmező park. I started to spend there more time, since my dear friend moved to this neighborhood.  I quickly realized that people who live on Buda side are nicer, calmer and more easy going. Probably because they have fresher air, less tourists crowds and no drunk British.

There are several great places around Krisztina ter which you should visit, once you decide to explore this side of the city. Starting from Kicsi Csángó Magyar Konyha (Alagút utca 1.) which is 24 h bistro with typical and a bit forgotten Hungarian dishes. The interior of this place is quite cozy and wooden tables give additional homey feeling. I really like the idea of wooden bench outside of this place, where you can seat for a while and simply relax.

Going down the road, you will reach Fáma (Attila út 10.) a Hungarian-Asian fine dining restaurant with stunning ambience and unbeatable interior. Mint leather couches stole my heart and for people like me (ultra lazy, who love comfort more than anything else in this life) it is just bull’s – eye. The flavors of Asia and Eastern Europe mixes gently on your plate.  A good choice would be to try  a Vietnamese goulash as a starter and maybe an Australian beef short rib as a main course.

credit: Fáma

Second place, which could be the biggest rival for Fáma in this hood, is without a doubt Déryné Bisztró (Krisztina tér 3.). Originally has been opened for warm breakfast, espresso and fresh house pastries. If you wish to try Hungarian specialties made out of fresh ingredients but with the twist of French and Middle Eastern favorites, this place is for you. For each meal you will receive fresh house bread, which is also available for take – away, along with other pastries. Interior of this place is another story. So sophisticated with so many beautiful elements that is quite hard for me to even describe it.  This place is a perfect choice for dinner with your close friends or family and if you feel like having a nice cocktail, cozy long chairs are waiting for you, right next to the marvelous bar. If you plan to propose to your loved one – you won’t find better restaurant in Budapest to do it.

credit: Déryné Bisztró

This neighborhood offers also two really nice coffee places – Szelence Café  (Pauler utca 8.) known for its nutritious and healthy food plus delicious coffee and Csészényi Kávézó és Pörkölő (Krisztina krt. 34) best known for many types of coffees and flavored hot chocolate.

credit: Szelence Café

credit: Csészényi Kávézó és Pörkölő

Speaking of chocolate, you can not miss CHOCOCO Csokoládérium – a chocolate store located at Pauler utca 7. When I entered this place for the first time, I literally felt like a kid – so many high quality sweets including tons of different type of chocolates in one place. It’s a sweet heaven and great spot to buy some gift for your friend, family or anyone close to your heart.  Who does not like to receive a beautifully wrapped box of little pralines? Personally, I do not know such person.

credit: CHOCOCO Csokoládérium

Since we are on Pauler utca, another place worth a visit is an amazing flower shop – Németh Attila Florist (Pauler utca 12). Event if you do not plan to buy any type of flowers, just come inside and admire amazing bouquets and flower compositions. I think this little place has already become my favorite flower shop and  I am quite sad, it is so far away from my apartment.

credit: Németh Attila Florist

The last place which you should visit in this area, is lovely Vérmező park (Attila út.). This is the place where I recently chill, think, write and kill my bike. It is so calm and peaceful there, that I don’t mind to make few extra kilometers just to be surrounded by beautiful mother nature. If by any chance, you will be caught in the rain, you can always hide in Vagon Étterem –  nearby restaurant located  in a vintage train carriage. Great food and nostalgic interior  is  guaranteed.

If any of you have already explored Buda side, let me know your favorite spots there.





















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