We all need a little extra motivation to hit the mat, the road, or the track from time to time. This motivation can present itself in different ways, perhaps a dip in fitness or physique, or maybe you invest in some new equipment and wears that reignite your inspiration. Below are some good investments you can make this summer to enliven your workout routine and keep you motivated.


Whether you are running, playing an active sport, or doing some aerobics in the house, a sports bra is an essential piece of wear. When you run and move about actively you can cause discomfort or pain to your chest. This also affects your workout routine. The last thing you want is to have to think about discomfort during your workout or sporting activity. Wearing a sports bra eliminates this discomfort and improves your performance but increasing focus and concentration.


If you really want to enliven your workout routine this summer then consider some leggings with pockets from Curves N Combatboots. These are essentially training leggings made from special stretch material that doesn’t go see-through. They have the added benefit of pockets. 

When you have a pair of leggings with pockets it means you can easily carry a pocket media device that gives you access to podcasts, audiobooks, and music. This is the best way to combine two things you love and add value to your workout.


This summer is a good time to invest in a new pair of training shoes. Maybe you’ve been using the same pair of runners over the winter and they’re a bit tired, or you need some training shoes that will assist your workout activities a bit better. 

The woman’s tree runners from Allbird not only give you a lightweight breathable training shoe suitable for a range of workout activities, they are also cruelty free and very effective. These training shoes are so light you won’t know you’re emerging them at all.


Sometimes you want a top to wear over your sports bra so you don’t feel too exposed during training or after your workout on the way home. For these times you might want a light backless top that provides you with excellent coverage and breathability. 

Backless tops are usually made with lightweight cotton. This is sometimes organic depending on the brand. The neck is wide at the front and the back is missing. Instead, you have some lace. These tips are light enough to wear during workouts as well as post-workout.


Some people prefer loose yoga pants to enliven their workout. Instead of tight yoga pants that soak up sweat, loose ones don’t allow as much sweat to form. They provide you with a light and airy alternative to support your workout routine or casual style

That’s right, loose yoga pants aren’t just for working out in, they can double as casual wear and they’re excellent for the summer. Loose yoga pants are equally suitable for home wear or for wearing to friendly gatherings in backyards, pools, and down at the beach

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