I know, I am pretty late with SS 15′ proposals of Hungarian designers, but believe me or not, flat renovation is a damn long process, especially when you need to gain painting skills within one day! Which was my case.

Anyway, in my previous post, I mentioned my confusion, regarding organization of  Central European Fashion Days event, however shows itself were pretty good.

I don’t want to waste my energy to describe very weird proposals, which have been presented for instance by Maldoror, but actually, there is one funny story, in connection with his show.

I uploaded on Facebook one photo from the runway, where I questioned  the idea of combining slippers with socks. It is not only, that it looks ridiculous but it’s simply dangerous.

Models while walking on the ramp had serious problem with keeping their balance, because their socks were slipping in the slippers. One of the model simply lost her slipper but with poker face picked it up from the runway and kept walking as nothing happened.


10731128_481285825344114_2188191461098160852_ncredit: Holecz Endre

Coming back to the serious designers, I pay a very special tribute to Nubu, Nanushka, Used Unused and Áeron SS15′ collections.

Starting with my favorite sporty – elegant lady Nanushka, whose collection is “lush with organic touches”, such as silk voile, silk poplin, silk jersey, cotton, linen and veg tan leathers that link back to nature.






10711116_786443824735225_7251684544474281541_n                                                                                                                                                      credit: Holecz Endre

Nubu decided to work with pale water-colors and robust lines during their SS15′ collection. Transparent and creased textiles, unique cuts and sporty lines, are definition of my personal style. Absolutely fall in love with their collection. Black, oversize sweatshirt and leather, shinny jacket is an ideal proposal for any electronic parties.






10616262_785848358128105_3242286792819452444_ncredit Holecz Endre

Similarly like last season, Used Unused did not let us down this time as well. Delicate, innocent look dominated their ss15′ collection. Printed cotton A line dresses, embellished cotton blouses, and jersey sweaters along with cotton A line skirts top my list.





10609698_786445568068384_1676543655497019433_ncredit: Holecz Endre

For the first time I had opportunity to praise Áeron collection. This brand is quite famous here in Hungary and abroad.

SS15′ collection is dominated by pastel olives, purple, violet and mallow, sand and white colors. We can notice Scandinavian influence (minimalist architectural forms).





10703544_785845298128411_5673348741315053167_ncredit: Holecz Endre

Which is your favorite piece?

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