Another fashion week just went by. This time we could experience a bit of luxury as Mercedes Benz decided to be the main sponsor of this event and the name of the event was changed from Central European Fashion Days to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Central Europe, doesn’t it sound posh or fashionable? Well, the name shall speak for itself however, the crowd which showed up during this event was quite predictable. Who could you expect if you have a possibility to buy a ticket, again? Surely not someone like Rachel Zoe in the front row. I have to be fair though as this year we did not notice families with bunch of kids, who last year proudly occupied the first row, which was reserved for the press and buyers. This year was a bit better, also because we could notice a clear split between the main organizers ‘Big Bag PR agency’ and ‘Design Terminal’. Again, beautiful interiors of Várkert Bazár (recently a hot spot for all mature events in Budapest) with one single point of registration for press which was fully handled by Design Terminal (unlike last year where you had two different registration desks, and you literally did not know about which one to approach), and the other separate entrance for all guests, who could enter by showing their tickets. Is it possible to keep it so much organized? As you can see, it definitely is.


Quite renowned sponsors, including Vodafone, Tchibo (who served free coffee), of course Jana, Heineken and Schwarzkopf (last year there was a bigger sponsor in haircare – Kevin Murphy).  There had also been an improvement on the runway. Last season, the photographers’ corner wasn’t bright enough but this year, this had been fixed and I am sure they could take better photos. But this year I was sitting in the first row and did not really bother myself to use my camera – just the one in my  phone, thanks which you had all updates from each show and backstage on my Instagram and Facebook. Here, a funny situation popped up! As I got my backstage pass, I was smart enough to go to the backstage before the next  show, I found myself in a privileged situation to occupy a good spot before the doors were opened for the audience.  In this way, I avoided that stressful situation where all the small bloggers or just random guests are running towards the first row, as if there is some gold which can be collected and taken for free to their homes. Even if some of them got lucky to get a front spot, few minutes later, the staff asked them to go to some other rows at the back.  I was asked to take another seat only once. By chance I sat where the buyers should, however, I just followed the instructions of the staff member. All in all, the person to whom this seat was assigned, did not show up.  This was pretty cool to observe (while seated comfortably on your chair in the first row) how people are so desperate themselves to take that particular seat. Somebody should make a video in a slow motion, we could surely have some good laugh.




On the other hand let’s be fair, the organization of this event was really professional, including the staff itself. I think most of the people worked really hard to pull this show together and this was highly appreciated.

There was just one more amusing situation during this event – I spotted the VIP section where the guests were seated on the stairs but had access to the bar (not sure if the food and drinks were complimentary) but this exclusive section was separated – attention –  by a transparent curtain and a single security guy protecting it like his own household. Really interesting concept, if you really wish to  provide some privacy for VIP people, you get a totally separate room for them so that they can feel relaxed and not to be afraid of some paparazzi catching them. Next to this super fancy VIP section, there were stairs which led you to the restrooms, so basically when you finish your thing in there, you could easily overlook on what was going on in this privileged space.


(mysterious curtain)

Coming back to the show, ‘new season, old problems’ – models – never-ending topic in Hungarian fashion scene. The same super skinny, super young kids presenting clothes for adult woman. Although, a few looked professional and easily deserved to be in the international fashion weeks, the rest were just a waste of your time. This year I do not want to be that mean, but if you wish to scout good models, just visit  your neighboring countries, like Poland – you won’t be disappointed. One of the most well known Polish fashion designers, Łukasz Jemioł has just celebrated the 10th anniversary of his brand. Please watch the video, below (it was a live stream so video is very long, start with 1:14:00) and look at the amazing way, models presented his collection during the latest fashion show! Pay attention to their walk – have you ever seen any Hungarian model walked like this during Fashion Week Budapest? Me? Sadly never.

Now you know, that going to Milan or Paris agencies to book a good model is not obligatory anymore. Just buy a WizzAir ticket to Warsaw – I can guarantee, you will bring a lot of good models to Budapest. And one suggestion for Hungarian model agencies – this is your serious duty to take your lazy ass out of your chair and start doing your job more professionally. Every day I could bring at least 5 good girls to your office, who once trained well, could became a professional model.

How about the collections itself?  For the first time I must say that I was quite disappointed.

Je Suis Belle in AW 14′ season announced a series of funerals (whole collection in black color) but apparently changed their mind for SS 16′. Now we can expect a lot of weddings –  the whole collection was in one color – WHITE. If  you are not planing to get married next year, not to worry as you can surely pick some of the outfits for the Sensation White party (2016 location – Amsterdam). Along with the showcased crystal sunglasses, you will rock the dance floor.  The glasses looked pretty amazing, but don’t ask me if there is any chance you can see anything while wearing them.





credit: MBFWCE

ANDA – nothing really spectacular heavy music, heavy clothes, practically the same type of designs like in previous collection.





credit: MBFWCE

Konsanszky, this is the first time I had a chance to see her collection on the big platform and I hope it was not the last time. Her designs although minimalistic, usually have a nice cut and good quality fabric. Although the whole collection was not super exciting, still I could easily wear some of her outfits to some good party with electronic tunes – blazers, blouses and bags!




credit: MBFWCE

Nanushka – big, big disappointment –  I was always her greatest fan. Somehow, she was the one who could really bring the Budapest vibe to her collections. I still adore her AW15′ proposals which included a lot of high quality sweaters and very nice coats, but the SS 16′ collection can be described in one sentence, “I did not have enough time to prepare new collection so I just prepared whatever”. That was my feeling when I was watching her show. What shocked me the most, were swimsuit proposals – why such an ugly color and why this common shape? I have the same swimsuit in my closet, designed by H&M with collaboration of Swedish swimming team (just black color, which still look way fancier that the one which was presented), shall I claim its Nanushka? Design looks exactly the same. The only good thing was a look book of her SS16′ collection where you could see very nice accessories like shoes and bags. Plus for shirts with dots, looked quite nice combined with oversize trousers.








ÁERON – I was never a big fan of this brand. Very simple clothes without any soul and sparks. It feels more like some uniforms, but maybe single pieces could be wearable – like those oversize trousers?






USE unused – the same story, very weird palette of colors, super nude, super boring. I would expect some fun during spring or especially summer. By fun I mean colors, light shapes, something which gives me a sort of fresh feeling. I have no idea what happened with all of those designers but witnessing their collections, I guess next season will be very sad and most probably rainy. Still very nice proposals for men. A bit chic and sporty. This gorgeous leather jacket – I love it.









By the end of the first day of MBFWCE, my hope was reinstated by phenomenal Dora Abodi. It was the first time when I could see her full collection on the runway and it was a priceless experience. Her proposals are always way different than the one from other Hungarian designers. She is so ahead of all of them. Dora Abodi regularly presents her collections on London Fashion Week so we can already say that she represents a different level. Marvelous collection with a lot of high quality fabric and great shapes. So many amazing dresses, so sexy and chic at the same time. Shinny textures stole my heart but I do admit that some of her proposals were rather for some stage than for daily use. Fortunately, in her pop up store, she has a lot of great ready to wear proposals. Fantastic make up and hair which perfectly completed a particular look. Finally, I could say that her show looked like a fairy tail and left you with this pleasant mood for the rest of the evening.







credit: MBFWCE

During the second day of fashion week Budapest, the only good show which I could praise was Kata Szegedi’s. Surprisingly and sadly the least amount of guests filled in during her show. What a pity! Her collection was damn good. Kata herself is a very strong woman and you could see her character in most of her collections. Sexy, ultra feminine cuts, vivid metallic colors – everything what you would expect form this category of designer. In the press note, we could read that she brought rich fabric from formal wear to street wear, which in my opinion was a fantastic move. Who forbids you to wear shinny bomber jacket with ultra skinny black jeans? I want to have it in my wardrobe, now!






credit: MBFWCE

Anyway my dear readers, I am not sure if I will take part in the next fashion weeks because I am quite tired of it. There is no sparks and uniqueness during the Hungarian fashion shows. Everything else looks pretty much the same, starting from the venue – although Várkert Bazár is really good spot for organizing such events, the same event arrangement and place itself seeing over and over it’s just boring. Plus if I have to see again kids on the runway (with few exceptions) it’s just not funny anymore.

Whoever of you, who participated in this event, had maybe a different, more positive feeling – good for you guys, there is a chance that  you will be the next ones to write a review. Hopefully you will enjoy it more.

Let me know which collection was your favorite one – if any.

photo credit: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe


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